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i wanna rock with you

Dec 25th, 2007 9:41:34 pm - Subscribe

Okay, I have a little time now.

I have to say that this was one of the all-time greatest Xmas's I have ever had. i am so happy right now...

It's even better because I've had such a shitty week. I just found out my neighbors hate me. Yes. Apparantly, my going out of the way to be sweet and friendly has not endeared me to them and they left a note in my mailbox that said "WHORE go back where you came from". Yes. I can laugh about it now... I mean, how freaking cheesy. But I can't lie. I was very upset. I guess I never get used to the fact that people can hate you for no reason. But I was ALWAYS pleasant to everyone I saw. So that really, really hurt my feelings.

And then the other night, I don't know. I was watching TV and James Taylor was singing "Sweet Baby James" and I just. Started. BAWLING. It reminded me of home, of snow, of Christmas in New England. I know it's corny... it really is. So what? I never pretended to be cool.

Also, John F called me a few days ago and he was asking me how things were going, specifically at the gym and stuff. And I was all, yeah I'm doing a lot of legs.

Wrong answer! And he NEVER gets mad or upset and he had a minor flip out and said, NO!!!! You're supposed to be doing XYZ with alternating W and we discussed this!!! And I swear, I do not remember going over that. All I could do was apologize and promise to start right away with the different program. He e-mailed me the information and maybe I'm losing my mind but I do NOT remember any of that stuff.

So long story short... I am going to THAILAND for 2 weeks next month. And that means I am not going to Puerto Rico this year. But who cares? I'll be in Phuket and Bangkok and whatever else I feel like doing. I've never been to Asia and I've always wanted to go to Thailand!!! So Merry Christmas, me! I cannot fucking wait.

Tomorrow I'm flying home for a few days and then onto Florida to stay with Mark's family and celebrate New Year's. In Florida. I think it'll be a lot of fun and it'll be great to see everybody.

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