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back to work today

Dec 17th, 2007 10:17:54 pm - Subscribe

I only went in for a little while. I was really not in the mood for much... free weights and stretching. I thought after the weekend things would be back to normal but nope, no one is shutting up. If this keeps up I am going to just go to the gym.

I totally forgot to write about Saturday's party, which was better than Friday's suckfest. At least I got to wear pants and comfortable shoes and there was no dancing involved. It was really laid back and fun and we played games and so much better.

I'm getting paranoid about Xmas. I know there're things I'm forgetting. Also, I was supposed to be spending time on planning the wedding but we have not done any of that. It's so daunting... where do I even start? Mark keeps saying I should hire someone but that is cheesy. Not me at all.

I can do this.

And neither one of us have made decisions about our careers. It looks like I'll be working and he won't but who knows? All I do know is that I am not spending another fucking summer all by myself, miserable. I can't do it.

I thought about some of the guys from work today... it's weird, but I kind of miss them! I wonder how they're doing. Who'm I going to see again next year? I know some of them have gone back east to do different things for work and it makes me feel kind of guilty... like I should head home and do some appearances. I don't know.

I kind of feel like I'm in limbo... during the week I get up, get some work in early, come home, hang out, do whatever. I'm not really doing anything productive. I'm having a great time, though. Part of me wishes I could do this forever...

I might make a few phone calls after Christmas and see what happens.
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two parties this weekend

Dec 16th, 2007 9:45:27 pm - Subscribe

Friday night's party was his friends', Saturday was MY friends'. I don't know where he meets these people and I don't want to be all like "Your friends are bad, mine are good", but damn.

So Friday night was at his friend Leon's house. And I think right away I knew I was going to have a bad time because he lives in one of those horrible million dollar houses that have fake-edgy architecture.... bleagh. And I was wearing uncomfortable shoes, which can ruin everyone's night.

Leon is... ugh. Rich white guy, thinks he's hot shit, acts like an asshole and hangs out with other assholes. There were a lot of ladies there who I swear he hired just to wear skimpy clothes and dance and drink cocktails and act retarded.

I am too old for this stuff.

So I started drinking right away and had to go around and talk to people and I wound up talking to this guy who looked really out of place. He was the only normal guy there. Mark and I had split up briefly (for circulation purposes) so... this guy... I was dancing with him... we wound up outside in the dark. Alone. I won't go into detail but I behaved recklessly. Nothing major but enough to be something I am ashamed of.

Some woman came out and she was all, "Mark is looking for you". I felt horrible because I'd assumed he was busy talking to his friends and meanwhile I'm macking with some guy I just met.

My night was ruined at that point. I was more drunk than I wanted to be and I felt guilty and cheap and like a bad person. What if he'd caught me? We didn't stay very much longer because I was mildly pissy and pouty and Mark got the hint. Just bad music and cheesy people and high schoolish nonsense.

I don't know why I do these things... I constantly pride myself on being a good person and I work hard at it and yet I'm a weak-willed hypocrite.

Anyway, we had to also give a ride to Mark's friend Jill whose boyfriend had left her alone at the party... I'm not exactly sure what happened, they had a fight about something... she was completely blotto so we just brought her to our house and she slept there.

The next morning (early) Mark woke me up and said he was bringing her home... I said, "Oh, do you want me to come?", not thinking he would say yes. Damn I just wanted to sleep!!! But we dropped her off and then we went and had breakfast and he was trying to figure out why I'd gotten so upset at the party and I was vague and apologetic but I really, really have to examine my soul and correct my behavior if we are going to be husband and wife. I think.

Anyway, the only friend of his I've ever liked is Fisher. And the other guy from Kentucky. I don't know where he meets these people. At least he doesn't hang out with Brandon anymore... I hated him more than anyone.
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Dec 13th, 2007 7:29:09 pm - Subscribe

I fell in love with my best friend and knowing my reputation as a...
I started a relationship with a close friend and knowing it would not work. It's so hard.

Have you ever had double penetration? (vaginal/anal)
Have had a vibrator in my ass while he fucks me. Whoa!

Can you bend it like Beckham?
Hell, yeah, I can!

Would you wife swap?

What kind of cravings do you have after sex?(if any)
I like a drink... water, beer, whatever.

Hi,when me and my girlfriend have sex,she soaks the bed with some...
I am a soaker myself. I used to be so embarassed but you get over it.

Ladies would you rather be fingerd or licked?
Preferably simultaneous bothing. But licked.

What is the most common way that women masturbate?
I like to use a vibrator, but I will frequently use my hand if I'm impatient.

If you put peanut butter or chocolate on the vagina, can it cause a...
I would never do that.

When a guy tells a girl "you like that b**ch" during sex,...
Only if it's someone you love and trust. I like it at certain times.

Have you ever had sex with someone and never seen them again?
No, unfortunately!

Ever have sex in the woods?
yes... hottt.

Have you ever stopped trying to resist and given in to your feelings?

Do girls real like to have there pussy licked before having sex...
I real like it.

Men: have you ever put your penis somewhere it didn't belong?...
He has not.

Do you think that girls always fall for the bad boys and ignore the...
I like the sweet ones. I really do.

Have you ever pleasured yourself thinking of a person you just met?
Many times.

Do you care for spanking?
It's a big turn-on, but not every night.

What is your sex food? What do you feed or rub on or lick off each...

Where is the most random place you have ever fantasize about having...
Sex in a booth at a nightclub, not caring who sees.

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Dec 13th, 2007 7:18:42 pm - Subscribe

Are you loud during sex or do you stay quite and enjoy?
I make horrible grunting noises.

Why do I feel that I want to have sex after a busy day meeting...
Relieves stress.

What would you say to the person you lost your virginity to if you...
You're a loser.

When masturbating, where do you shoot your load?
hand, cloth

Should I shave my testicles?
No! Dangerous!

In terms of intimacy is fantasy better than the reality?

Is masturbating to a person's picture offensive to the person?
Not if you don't tell them!

Have you ever slept with someone that you just met, then to never..

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you during sex?
My boyfriend slapped me across the face because I was losing interest. It got my attention and then I had a massive, explosive orgasm. The strange part was that I liked it, when normally I am not into that kind of thing.

Women, is all your screaming/moaning/etc. for real or for show? ...
Mine's the real deal.

What is the worst sexist thing someone has said to you?
Oh god... it never ends. Someone once suggested I commit suicide because I had a "man's job". Or people say, wow, it must be hard not to fall in love since you work with all guys.

Guys..does it matter to u if a woman masturbates, or does it bother...
he likes it

Have you ever woke to find someone giving you oral sex?
yes! awesome!

Has anyone ever wet their pants while getting spanked?
I never have.

Ladies, how would you feel if you knew that someone masturbated...
Depends on the guy. I would usually be grossed out, though.

Can a woman get wet just by thinking about having sex?
Have you tossed salad?

Cut or uncut ...which do you prefer and why?
I have never had uncut.

Hydro or natural weed... what do you prefer?
No preference.

What is a slut?
A person who does not have sex for themselves. Someone who only does what the other person wants.

Survey time... how many sexual partners have you had, at what age...
This past year alone... five.

Have you ever masturbated in public?
Not in front of anyone.

Do you like going down on your boyfriend? Or do you only do it to...
I can get really into it at times. I'm not always thrilled about it but he's so grateful that it makes it all worthwhile. When I'm drunk I get really oral and I will suck it forever.

How long does it take for the average woman to reach orgasm?
Ten minutes?

Any erotic tips you'd like to share?
When a guy's starting to put his cock in, wince slightly or make some kind of noise that will give the impression that it hurts a little. Like his cock is so big and hard that there's a little pain involved at first.

Do parents know when their child starts masturbating?
No, they're mostly in denial.

What's longest you've had sex with someone?
We will occasionally go at it for an hour.

What was the longest running sexual marathon you had and was it...
When we were in Mexico we could not ever get enough. That was like two weeks... all we did was get drunk and have sex and sleep and eat.

Have you ever made out/done sexual things with a friend of yours...

My partner expect me to give him sex everynite. He says that in a...
Your partner needs to get over it.

Do you find sex satisfying even if you don't have an orgasm?

Does the use of cock rings or regular use of cock...
I will have to try it!

How do you have a perfect kiss
Eyes closed, arms around each other, time stands still. Comfort and joy. And no bad breath!

Do you enjoy being naked, where?
In my house or on a boat.

How do I stop my legs from hurting and getting tired when I am...
There's not much you can do.

Would you rather recieve poor oral sex or none at all?
Probably none!

Have you stuck your finger into your partner annus? and if not why...
I have done it. I had to work up the guts, though.

Do you own a "Real Doll"? If not, would you like to?
Not really interested. He is curious, though.

If I met your ex-partner what things would they say about you?
He would say I was a great person but it just wasn't going to work. He'd say I'm misunderstood.

What is the dirtiest thing you've said to your...
When we were first dating I asked him to bring his favorite porn over. I thought that was really courageous of me since we didn't know each other that well.

Would you ever use a glory hole?
He would not, because he knows it's mostly guys.

Besides me how man other men have ever fantasized about watching...
He has fantasized about this... about me being taken against my will.

Can a woman get off giving a man oral sex?
Not by that alone. I usually rub my clit while I do it.

Is there a certain word that turns you on?
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on and on anon

Dec 13th, 2007 6:48:49 pm - Subscribe

Is it abnormal for a girl to think other girls are pretty? I like...
It's normal!

Would you be mad if your "spouse" watch porn with out you...
No, I don't care.

What's funnier drunk sex or sober sex?
Drunk sex is often very funny.

What is "The Wizard"?
I don't know! Tell me!

Pothead or Not?
He's a bigger pothead than I am. When I first met him, I had no idea. We almost never got high together.

What makes you feel good?
I still love making out with him.

Who would you save one last fuck for?

What's a good excuse to get out of going down on a fishy girl...
Sore throat?

Is It better to have a threesome with a Stranger or someone you know?
A stranger.

My boyfriend can hold an erection for up to 45 minutes while i give...
Yeah, i hate that. Just blow already!

How can I stop my husband from swearing?
Oh, please.

My spouse and i love to watch porn before we have this...
Great? Yes.

Ladies...during oral sex (your partner is going down on you), what do you like your partner to do with their hands?
Stroke my pussy, insert a finger or two and fuck me with them. Some nipple pinching.

What's the best song to put you in "the mood for love"?
I love music during sex. It could be any number of songs.

Whats some things a person can do during sex, that would totally be...
Do women really like anal sex? I can see what a guy gets out of it,...
I do it for him. He likes it once in a while so I make that sacrifice... for love!

My husband wants me to wear a butt plug and a dildo to dinner is...

How do u ride ur man
My hands are on his chest and stomach. I start off slow, up and down moving my whole body. I try squeezing his cock with my walls. Increase speed gradually until he blows. Lately, I've just been riding with my pelvis... I don't know how to explain it but it's more difficult.

Why is sex so addictive?
Because nothing feels as good.

Do women like to watch men masturbate?
I do.

Do you regret losing your virginity to the person you lost it to?

Do women ever get erotic feelings when they are examined by a...
No. No.

Straight men-do you prevfer a butt plug or a finger in your ass?
Mark: finger

Do you wear socks while having sex?
Sometimes. I know, I know.

Do you consider yourself sexy?
Usually : )

How many of you women can suck your own breasts?
I can! I don't do it very often, though.

Guys-if your girlfriend asked you to lick your cum from her ass,...
He would.

Are you selfish in the bedroom?

Favorite position anyone?

How easily turned on are you?

What's your favorite nick name for a woman's chest?

When was the last time you had sex??? Was is also the same time you...
We had sex this morning. I loved it.

Does sex make you pee

Gents, if you were to be sandwiched between sisters, would it be...
Jenna and Barbara.

What is the strangest thing you've done sexually?
I went to an adult store with a co-worker and he picked out a vibrator for me. And then I would tell him whenever I used it AND I told him I thought of him.

When did you experience your first orgasm?
In my sleep.

Would you have a blow job from a male friend if you were sure no...
He once let his friend blow him.

Do you Fart in front of your Spouse or Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
Yes, but it took forever!

Have you ever been taken advantage of while annebriated?
i try to take advantage of men

Guys - If you found out that your girlfriend was bi, would you...
Mark: I would not be happy.

Do you find women with unshaven armpits attractive?
Mark: Sometimes.

Boxers, briefs or other? lol
I like boxers or boxer briefs.

Do guys like their balls sucked on?
He loves it. Me, not as much.

What is your favorite kind of porn? / What kind of porn things...
Threesomes are hot. Money shots.

Have you ever asked your partner the most sensitive parts on their...
I know 'em all by heart.

I'm very tight. My boyfriend and I use lube, foreplay; all...
I'm tight, too, but I've gotten better. It just takes time and a lot of lube.

Why does sex always seem better while high?
I have no idea.

Is it strange to have a pen fetish?
Yeah, you fucking freaK.

Do u prefer to masturbate alone or being watch?

How do straight guys feel about having a threesome w/ 1 girl and...
Mark: You just try not to make eye contact and especially no touching.

Whats the best way to mastrubate (man)
He likes me to watch.

Ladies, what makes you feel sexy?
A good night's sleep!

My partner has expressed interest in using baby oil on each other...
I don't know about that.

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