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Jan 4th, 2008 12:34:19 am - Subscribe

Back home now. YEAH ARIZONA!!!

I swear I never wanted to be one of those women who was like, "Oh my boyfriend this.... my boyfriend that... blah blah blah fiance...blah blah wedding." Grrrr.

So I just got back from Florida and I had a blast... it was great seeing everyone and after a series of painfully depressing and lonely and shitty New Years' parties, it's tremendous to be able to have fun and whatnot.

So I made a couple of irrational decisions after having a few drinks. Alcohol renders me rather malleable, I can't lie. So the first thing was... wait, this happened at JJ's New Year party near the beach...we were there about an hour and me and the man found a quiet place so I could blow him. And I let him take pictures of me blowing him with his camera phone. I have ALWAYS been really against photos/video for obvious reasons. It's way too dangerous. But I am one of those people whose judgement is impaired by booze.

Okay, wait, doesn't everyone's judgement get impaired by booze? And furthermore, don't I trust him?

So in other news, Mark's been pretty impatient about the wedding (2009) and has been asking why we have to wait like, 2 years. And really, the more time you have the better and what is the rush already?

And at the party I was looking at the decorations and the year "2008" and I was thinking, wow, I'm so glad I'm getting married in 2008 because 8's a good number for me. But then, duh, I am so stupid because I set the date for 2009. During the countdown I made up my mind... I don't know, i got overwhelmed, I blacked out? And I thought, fuck it, stepped outside because it was so noisy inside and everyone's screaming and blowing fucking horns and I said I changed my mind. Yes I'm sure. And even the next morning he asked me again, are you sure.

I've always been pretty irresponsible so whatever. I moved it up by a whole year and now I have til October 25th 2008 to get the thing in the can. i can do it and you know why?

I'm not doing a lot of flowers, I only want my sisters to stand up for me and they can wear whatever they want. I'm not getting married in a church or in some retarded gazebo. I'm NOT doing a traditional wedding. I don't even know if I'm going to wear a wedding dress. My family knows me and I know they don't care what I do as long as I'm happy.

And I'm keeping the list small.

I secretly love Florida, too.
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