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revival critical. - Subscribe
Today, i'm coming back home, again. I never had in mind to coming back, well at least until my final semester cause you know, got a lot to be done. Well, i'm here now, K.L.

I never thought that my bike, consumes a lot of 2T oil. For those who doesn't know much about bike, 2T oil keeps your bike lubricate, so it won't get stuck. 4-Stroke engine are different technology to tell.

To tell you, when i passing Ulu Bernam, the oil indicator lights up. That mean i'm running low on 2T oil. So i slowdown a bit to keep the oil at least until i found a gas station or workshop. As you know, i'm not gonna take a risk, so you can tell after Ulu Bernam, i'll head up to Bukit Beringin and guess what? There's no gas station or shops at all! Its only have golf field, and some houses. I'm wondering, cause you know its like a ghost town, seriously. So i turn back, adjusting the 2T pump to the lowest, and move on.

I keep going until i found a sign board to Sungai Tinggi or Batang Berjuntai. So i'm thinking there's must be a gas station, so you can tell headed to Batang Berjuntai. To be tell, its just getting worst now. There's nothing here. Just a plantations surround me. With 2T oil running low, now i'm running out of gas either! Luckily, there's a reserved gas to keep me running for a miles. I keep going until i found a junction. One, to Sungai Tinggi, other to Batang Berjuntai. Suddenly, i saw a roadblock at Batang Berjuntai's side. Yeah, roadblock is the last thing you want if you're a biker, especially those who riding RXZ's.

So, i drive to the roadblock, and ask the officers for the nearest gas station available. To tell, yeah they said i shouldn't get here. Cause Rawang just a few miles away if i didn't go here. Well, they said i should head to Batang Berjuntai cause Sungai Tinggi don't have any gas station at all. Woo, its a journey i guess.
Don't turn around and enter the highway back cause surely i'll running out of gas. So, i'm going to Batang Berjuntai. One of those officers said "Kamu terus ikut jalan ni, masuk ke Pekan Ijok. Tapi berhenti la tanya orang, mana tahu diorang ada jual minyak dalam botol ker". Yeah, thanks anyway guys! Suddenly, i realise, Isn't Ijok having a pilihan raya now? Yeah right. I'm heading right there!

Yeah yeah yeah, when i arrived, you can tell there's a lot of flags, people and...cops. I don't care about it, i just care about my bike need a 'meal'. After loading up, i asked a officer about the fastest way to K.L. And you know what i get? "Entah la, saya pun pening ni. Saya dari Kajang". Hahaha i got you dude. Yeah you know, having situation in control especially time like this, sure messing you up. So, i gotta follow my heart.

And exactly i'm heading K.L...but

I've entered the wrong highway! Its a highway to Shah Alam/Klang. Again, i'm saying to myself. Its really a journey!
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revival a start of blogging May 15th, 2007 1:41:38 am - Subscribe
I decide to blogging again. Haha. Cause i got some spare times lay, so better put it up in words. Today, i got math's second exam. You can tell, its pretty hard. Especially for a guy like me, who hates math so much. Hahaha. I managed to answer only 2 of 4 question, so you can tell my lecturer gonna skin me up. Bring it on.

I always tend to having trouble getting on English Class. First, i'm not getting along with 'em. Second, i'm the only second semester student who sit in fourth semester english class. So you can tell, how its going to be. I'm kinda cool, with some girls in that class. Cool enough to call 'em as classmates, not friends. Luckily, the lecturer pretty much being so friendly to me, so you can tell i'm kinda cool to be a part of the class. You know what, i got an interview about 2 weeks from me. Its kinda a part from the english's test. I got the last number - 31. So you can tell, a lot of time to lay. The rules are simple - she gonna ask me about myself, why i wanna work in that company, why should they hire me and so on. The marks are calculate based on dressing, speech and language. I don't think they gonna accept my american-type english.

Yeah, today programming class got cancelled. Straightly running home, i pickup my clothes, blanket and wash them. Then, washing my ride cause its looklike dirt bike. Having a lunch, online for a while and sleep. Haha. Its not my normal routine. But sometimes i do need to clean up my surrounding.

I hate Desktop Publishing class. Its not the lecturer that i hate, but the clas. It started at 4pm to 6pm. And more thing - you skipped the class, you got to sing. Somehow, i don't have to sing today. Waauu! You know what, i used to sing in front of the class, you can't tell how it freakin' me out. I was, the first one to 'declare' the singing competition. Today, we have to created a poster based on movie. You have to put your picture on it, that's the rule. At first, i'm thinking about Bikers poster. Then, i pick the Fast And Furious poster. Woo, the result's cool. Because i managed to finish it fast, i got to make a stamp, that's was last week subject. I told you guys, SIT2Ds, our Desktop Publishing's lecturer wasn't cold as you think.

At night, as usual. Sleep at late night, and wake up early in the morning...ZzzZzzzzzzz...
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revival reveal. May 15th, 2007 1:43:32 am - Subscribe
OUch. Today i'm late to the class. You're not allowed to know why. Hahaha. I woke up at 0700, Hafiz wake me up by passing my handphone that bothering him - i set the alarm, but the alarm won't set me. Realise my class start at 0900, so i figure its kinda cool to get a couple of sleep back. SUddenly, Anis sent me a message. Wish me luck, bro. I ada exam pasni. You're always in my prayer, dear.

Ahak - I sleep until 0850, then i'm quickly get up, take a shower, take my dress, take the bag, start the engine and let it run for a while. I guess, i'm not so quick enough cause i reached Dewan Kuliah at 0918. Gosh. Everybody's just started.

I step in slowly, then the lecturer's call me. He's Abu Zarin. Pretty cool. Got some answer and question, and we're cool.

Next class gotta be programming class, ahak and today's programming class i guess gotta be the worst. It is because i can read it from his face, my programming lecturer's face. Woo, everybody's quiet. Even me. Hahaha. I won't add up his bad day. Suddenly, he call me. Read the first page about Inheritance and polymorphicsm. I'm stuck. What? Where's the note? I don't get it. Then Lan stand up and say the note still with him. Haha. He got buzz. So, today programming class going without any note at all. Luckily there's a projector to help with, but i'm sitting at the back of the lab with myspace. hahaha

There's always an error check by my lecturer. Guess what, when we compile a program, and if an error shows up, we pretty soons try to fix it before he check it out or he'll deducted our p.b mark. But today things are going to be different. Normally, he'll write our name. But now, he ask us to stand up. Pretty weird, i was one of them. Its kinda weird - why i need to stand while my program perfect from error? I ask Bad, cause he didn't get to stand up. Bad, i've done something wrong with my program? He kinda proud, and loudly said i'm wrong cause i'm coding at one of the segment at the wrong place. Suddenly, our lecturer say what? Saper yang berdiri tu, duduk. Yang berduduk tu, berdiri. Korang banyak buat runtime error. Hahaha. The funniest part is - i can't stop laughing when i see Bad's face keep saying he's all right. Dude, that's why i won't teach anybody. For me, better learn than teach. Cause if something goes wrong - people always point it to you. Like me, used to be a wakil kelas for 2 semester and took every point, not just from my own classmates, even lecturers! You guys are lucky, cause i don't take it personal as you are.

Yeahhaa! Today's o/s class are cancelled. Good. I can spend whole day with sleeping or, online. You know what, i took the later. Cause i ain't get to sleep. Ipoh's hot, like Jeddah or Kaherah something. Downloading some songs, uploaded into my ipod, and cool - Katryn's online. And today, she just show me a part of herself that i haven't discover yet. Hahaha. Its really cool, and i'm having fun chat with her today. I love the funny side of her!

And now, its 0038. I'm going to get some sleep. Today's class begin at 0800.

P.S : Katryn, i don't keep our conversation history. Just mau kaco you sajer, mereng girl. hahaha!
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revival Its raining! May 15th, 2007 9:36:33 pm - Subscribe
Aha, today starting with extending my sleeping moment after i realized it's raining outside. Hahaha, you know what, when rain's come, everything's gone. At first, i've already had in mind to make it as excuse. Nothing can beat the fun sleeping in the morning especially when its raining. 2 hours later, i wake up with a big smile. Its a beautiful day, and a good way to start the day. I pickup my phone, and its 10am. Today, i only got two classes. Math and O/S. Math start at 0800-1000, and o/s at 1215 till 1315. I make a phone call to Diana, and ask her about math's today. Woo, perfectly, math's cancelled! What a wonderful life!

Right after having a breakfast, like usual i'm going to Tengku's house. Too bad, they got multimedia class. I return to home, picking up my ipod and you know what - i can't turn it on! What the hell is wrong with it, i thought it must be i forgot to turn it off, then i connect it to laptop, and its running up but the battery indicator doesn't move like its charging. I tried to play some songs with the ipod connecting to the laptop, but when i pull the cable's out, it shut off. Good, its the goddamn battery. I need to bring it to the service centre but when? Cause my final exam just around the corner. Ahh, i make a backup of it, and it going to serve me as a storage now until it got repaired.

I call up Pn. Nurul, to confirm with her that she ain't cancelling the class today or she'll make me the happiest guy in Ipoh. Yeah, she told me, you better study up cause we going second test today. Am i going to study? Yeah maybe, if i really need to study, i will but now, i'm going to try my luck. Haha.

When i arrived at polytechnic, i saw a couple of my classmates at cafe. After parking up my bike and arming it, i joined 'em. Din think he can fool me by saying today os class's cancelled, but he didn't know that i'd be the first to know if os class get cancelled. It is because my house just a couple of house away from our lecturer's house.

Woo, today o/s test's pretty tough. Its all about Linux commands. I can see that everyone's just waiting for the right time to 'copy' from each other. Luckily i managed to answer all the question, but still don't know if i still maintain the full marks title.

I went back home, pickup the laptop and my ipod that serve me now as storage to Tengku's house. Switch on the laptop, connect the ipod, and i'm online. I downloaded a couples of song and software today, check out a bit of information, and i fall asleep.

Go home at 6pm, Hafiz just come back from work. Like usual, sembang gedegang semua, i'm taking a shower, then Hadi come, and we're going for dinner. We talk about our first time come to polytechnic a year ago, and its kinda a sweet time to talk about. I told 'em, first one i know was Hadi. He's standing at front of me. When everybody's singing, he didn't. Hahaha. I thought this kid must be some kind of mob or something. The first classmate i know was Hafiz and Asyraf, as we're having a drink at the cafe together. What a good time.

Where we're going after having a dinner? Well, as usual, spend our night at Dataran. Woo, someone's accident at the Taman Cempaka's traffic light. I stop to check it out. Luckily, that guy just having a minor injured at his feet. I realized that Hafiz and Hadi ain't stopping, so i'm speeding up to chase 'em. Too bad, i can't go more than 5K RPM cause i just changed the piston and rebored. Good dudes, they're waiting for me at Polo's junction. And tonight, someone's marrying for free. The cops just bust a couple doing their 'thing' in car at Polo's when we're heading Dataran. Yeah, after this you guys can do it 'legally'.

There's not much people at Dataran tonight, and you can tell its tuesday. Not so long, some cops come to us. Right at the time Hadi's taking my picture. After checking out our i.c and licenses, they check out my bike's serial number. Hadi's too. Yeah, go ahead. We're legit. Just because we riding an RXZs, doesn't mean we're rempit. Seriously, we're not rempit. We're just a guy who try to have some fun with our bike. We race, but just between us. We didn't stole bike, bohsia or all those things. I told the cops, go ahead and check from a to z. But Hafiz and Hadi got their knee's shaking. It is because, Hafiz don't have the sidemirrors, while Hadi don't having the chain's cover. Luckily, they're not after all that. Suddenly, some of c70s with EX5 engine passing us. Woo, you can tell its a stolen bikes, and they're after 'em. Go ahead dudes!

Suddenly, Nadia texting me. She want the first part of our c++ mini project that got in my hands. I'll send you later, cause i'm at Dataran now. Then Hafiz told me to try texting his girl, and i did. Come out that she's playing Need For Speed Underground 2. Chill dude!

We're going home, handover the mini project and laid back. Tomorrow my class's start at 10am, and that's the only class for tomorrow.

Its a life. Live it :-)
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revival unanswered prayers. May 16th, 2007 1:14:57 pm - Subscribe
Just the other night at a hometown football game
My wife and i ran into my old high school flame
And as I introduced them the past came back to me
And I couldn't help but think of the way things used to be

She was the one that I'd wanted for all times
And each night I'd spend prayin' that God would make her mine
And if he'd only grant me this wish I wished back then
I'd never ask for anything again

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers
Remember when your talkin to the man upstairs
That just because he may not answer doesn't mean he don't care
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

She wasn't quite the angel that i remembered in my dreams
And i could tell that time had changed me
In her eyes to it seemed
We tried to talk about the old days
There wasn't much we could recall
I guess the Lord knows what he's doin' after all.

And as she walked away and i looked at my wife
And then and there I thanked the good Lord
For the gifts in my life.

Some of God's greatest gifts are all too often unanswered...
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
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