ghost hunter (a dream)
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i know my name, but i can't tell you. i know who i am, but i can't mention it. i'm just a hunter. ghost hunter. i don't know if you laughin' when you read this. i don't care either. you're on your own. this is my world - my dream.

i don't know what i've done, what i've learned. no, i can't see the ghost. but i can feel it. they are around us. some of them, are good spirit while the other, from hell. how i'm deal them? i don't know. i just wake up one day, and i'm not who i am in the real world. and the only way to find me - by a phone call. no number. you only find out how when you need me.

phone ringing.

"hey" a lady voice whispered on the other line.

"who's you're hunt for?" not many people know who i am. until they need me.

"ghost hunter"

"you've just hitted the right one" "say place to hook up"

"small cafe around the corner, 10pm"

a lady already waiting for me when i arrived. she seems very depressed. maybe worry if that thing could harm them. yeah, she has a family to run. who wouldn't be worried. guess she know finally - to worry about a livin' or dead.

"tell me something about your child" the same question i'd ask. everytime.

"anything to do with it?" guess she's suprised.

"kinda. your kids could be the one who cause it"

"i had a daughters and sons" "is it enough for you?"

"how old are they?"

"old enough to take care of themself if something happen to me"

"cool. good enough to trigger anything out there and lead them home" "don't mention about your husband"

"you already know?" pity. she really don't ready for this.

"you'll cry. don't mention it. i'm not your tissue"

"then, let's hit our home"

its a small house but big enough for small family. yeah, i can feel it. they're not strong enough. but don't take too much to cause a chaos.

i walked into room by room, examine everything i can feel. they won't communicate with me. don't even do something, playing with the window or something like that. everything, seems normal.

"what they have done to you?"

"well, i felt somebody's staring at me. it much worse when i'm..."



"maybe they're horny"

she's freak out when i said it. i couldn't tell how her face looklike.

"don't worry, they won't harm you" "they just, not strong enough"

"but strong enough, to open up my closet, lies in my bed, knockin' on the door and watchin' t.v at 3.00am"

"they miss the favorite t.v show because you're watching drama"

"that's funny" "why don't you just show your funny face?"

"i'm not kidding" "they are just a part of us" "try to enjoy, contact with us, play with us"


"that's your problem" "if you don't trust, pay some respect"

she sighed.

"i'll call the kids home"

its really weird. it seems, they won't tell me where they're coming from but they're ready to move out until the right time . and i need to be here until that time. usually, it won't too long but this time, they are planning something.

"kids, meet up with..."

"i knew him" one of her daughter just triggered the full of question moment.


"i don't know" "but his eyes, seems familiar"

blush. she could break it all. i need to cover up before it ends tonight.

"kid, watch out your words" "it can cost you a life" "don't be too proud of who you are"

"yeah, like you?"

"i'm nobody" "but i can walk out the door and let them give you a lesson"

from a nice, cute little girl, she's grown up and become someone else. i never expected she will becoming like that. even her life, not a part of me. but i bet it just something you won't live to see.

i've been there for a week. and i've been told to leave. and to be tell, its not ghosts i've been hunt for - instead, they are hunting me. they seek my help. and i did help them - with a favor to keep what i've been help for, a secret.

krriiingg. my first phone call a week after that. she, nervous or something. i can tell from her voice. beep me to meet her. she must be, find a way to contact me. and i need to meet her. she need to tell me how.

"hey, i need to tell you something"

"slowly" "i'm just reached. let me take a break"

"okay" "by the way, they haunting me back"

"really?" "but why you the one who give me a call?"

she's blushed. its has been a long time since last time i saw her face like that. cute. very innocent.

"its not about the ghost, isn't it?"


i wake up to reality, and go to work at 9.00am. like usual.
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