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Date: Sep 20th, 2007 9:07:13 pm - Subscribe
Mood: far away.

ouch, yet again. i've just got the biggest job batch ever - an arch for main entrance and backdrop size 33' x 15'. that's big you know. first, i thought when the head of studio hand over me that job batch, i only need to design the arch for main entrance only. and today, when i show to my boss the progress, i told him the concept that i was designing for, he's kinda, yeah this nice. and straightly told me - hey, you better come up with the backdrop too. aiiyoo, i got so many job batches that haven't been done yet.

this week was the bad week for the company. at least, for my record. i've been to the studio late, everyday. haha. that was the payback for not giving me the bonus. just kidding. since my phone's broke down, i'm having a trouble to wake up. beside, nobody's wake me up.

guess what, we might go to kedah, yet for another outstation. its really what i've been looking for. i love travelling, much. it kept me away for a while from thinking about anything than enjoy the whole trip.
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