Pile & Pounce
Date: Nov 10th, 2007 8:21:19 am - Subscribe
Mood: blessed

The crisp-brown clutter
all over the yard.

What to do?

Pile it up! Pounce upon it!

Don't just capture it
'neath metal wire
and in the camera lense ...

Don't just give the go for the younger ones ...

Get in there! Piles are for pouncing.
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anonymous - December 11th, 2007
At first I thought of Native American image of Spider - web as humanity. Charlotte's web. Lots of associatons. But it's your laryngitis ? - cold creeping into your chest. Did you preach? I'm intrigued that you could take the time to write a poem before preaching?! That is more than wondersome! It's awesome.Kent


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