We will be better for this experience
Date: Jul 26th, 2007 11:13:55 am - Subscribe

I am painting a landscape of a beautiful barrow,
And my brushstrokes are broad but my focus is narrowed,
To the budding, bold masterpiece unfolding before me,
On a blackened, rent canvas that cannot be seen

Because every pain is just a stepping stone,
And every trial is a lesson unknown,
And all your quaking thoughts are prone,
This is what you tell yourself,
You’re no liar; you’re just someone else,
You’re the only thing that’s ever free,
But it’s not your fault; there is only me

Because a frown is just a smile uncovered,
And your truth is just a lie uncovered,
So, they tell me I’d be wise to think,
Yes, they tell me we are all on the brink,
Of who we will be tomorrow

Then, to prove my point more effectively,
I met a girl, who knew only beauty,
And I saw in her eyes all that I wanted to be,
So I took it from her; yeah, I corrupted her

But she’ll be better for this eventually,
We’ll both be fine because of me,
Or so I was led to believe,
By misguided friends and family,
But nothing is different because of me,
There is only time and gravity,
There is only what cannot be seen,
Like the evening chill is chased away by the light,
And then it’s forgotten, until the following night,
It keeps coming back; yeah, I keep coming back

It’s why we put our faith in the invisible,
And we drown ourselves in material,
In this slow, gradual suicide,
No, I’m not essential, I never was,
It’s the nature of those ticking clocks,
They’re the only thing that stays the same,
When I am gone they still remain,
In a mocking, bitter eulogy

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arachne - July 26th, 2007
In the material world you are absolutely correct. However, when recognition of the truth is found, there are not limits, fear, or mocking ways.

Time is oo 8 or endless. The body is organic and can and will decompose, however, in the cycle of 9, everything returns as it was/is meant to be. A bit of energy captured in an organic jar will go back and be a part of a greater whole.

Do I make sense to you? If you would like, I am open for discussion at Arachne-Web-Weaver@hotmail.com. I don't bite. lol


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