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Date: Apr 1st, 2018 8:24:07 pm - Subscribe
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Can religion benefit from science?

Certainly so.

As a Catholic seminarian, we studied sciences that support theology such as Biblical Exegesis, Church History, Hebrew language, Clinical Psychology. Social Studies, Research and Archaeology.

Somehow, however, Christian dogma prevented questioning or engaging in issues related to traditional creed-- mythical Christology. Papal infallibility, Christian pluralistic monotheism, etc.

We came short of scientific truth in religion.
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Date: Oct 29th, 2017 7:29:23 pm - Subscribe
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Christians celebrate Christmas 2017 as the birth of Jesus Wisdom of God incarnate.

Hindus believe an avatar is an embodiment of a deity descending from the infinite to the finite. the Hindu Vishnu is a divine manifestation fighting evil and doing good.

Buddhists believe in a perpetual cycle of reincarnation of man into other humans, animals, plants, ghosts and devilish elements. The Tibetan Lama is a reincarnation of Buddha.

Jews and Muslims reject reincarnation because God is One, Absolute and Indivisible. He neither begot a son nor is begotten.
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Date: Oct 22nd, 2017 9:04:09 pm - Subscribe
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Some of my rarest moments:

The Good grandmother Manuela and I one her lap as a child; early playmates in games; simple folk parishioners in my pastoral assignments,.

Truth in relaxed reading of Latin Summa Theologia for awakened thinking; scholarship of my Jesuit seminary teachers.

Beauty of the 1955 solar eclipse, Laguna Lake from Mt. Makiling Arts Center; cityscape from Hotel Wintrop.

"Stay awhile" in consciousness of boundless goodness, truth and beauty-- Rest, Delight, Bliss, Peace, Love, the All-Provident One.
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Date: Oct 9th, 2017 10:10:25 pm - Subscribe
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In yesterday's program, 3 ABN named the Roman Catholic Church as the "beast" of the Book of Revelation. Five hundred years ago, the Restoration occurred when princes and the established Lutheran Church protested against Papal authority over secular states.

Today the Roman Catholic Church remains to be the most powerful Church in the world by way of its authority over 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, its Pope monarch, and status as an observer-state in the United Nations.

The radio call by the late Jaime Cardinal Sin on 85% Philippine Catholic citizens to support a 1983 people's coup-d'tat shows the political power of the Church-state within a state.
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Date: Oct 8th, 2017 7:27:24 pm - Subscribe
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Does an immortal soul animate the human body, a soul entity that is able to exist after the dysfunctional demise of the body?

Belief in the living soul has been supported by major religions starting the early ages, e.g. Egyptian belief in the immortal soul such that slaves have to be buried with the corpse of pharaohs to continue to serve them in the afterlife

Roman Catholicism believes in the Communion of Saints who can be prayed to as mediators of God.

A matter of belief, not science.
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