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Date: Oct 5th, 2017 9:55:41 pm - Subscribe
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Protestant churches celebrate 500 years of the Reformation, exalting pure faith in Jesus Christ through scriptures apart from papal authority.

Christianity-- both Roman Catholic and Protestant-- deserve to seek unity among themselves and other faiths. Ecumenism or unity accepting the sole authority of Roman Catholicism will never work, notwithstanding the change of face of Catholicism from an authoritarian to a benevolent church.

True unity is in accepting a single godhead, prophesied by Jesus as the "worship in spirit in truth" transcending, while respecting, organized religion.
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Date: Oct 4th, 2017 4:06:36 am - Subscribe
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Cultic worship of Krishna involves seeing him in cosmic form in an intense theophany of parts of his body (many mouths, feet, thigh etc.) like fire.

Meanwhile veneration of Christ's heart in Christianity was an outgrowth of devotion to the humanity of Christ's sacred wounds, face and soul. In the apparitions of St. Mary Margaret de Alacogue (1671), the heart of Jesus is depicted outside Jesus' breast crown with thorns and raging with fire to depict love. The Roman, and some Anglican and Lutheran Churches keep this devotion, proclaiming the heart of Jesus' infinite mercy.

The Eastern Catholic Church criticize the devotion as a form of naturalism and Nestorianism.
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Date: Oct 3rd, 2017 7:19:33 am - Subscribe
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From mystical Brahmanism sprang the cultic worship of Krishna as lord of gods and shelter of the universe.

From monotheistic Judaism rose the gentile Christian faith in Jesus as the messianic savior and incarnate son of god.

Both the local hero and the essene beloved rabbi were transformed into deities through oral tradition, legendary stories and theologies.

History turning into religious myth.
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Date: Sep 21st, 2017 8:34:24 pm - Subscribe
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Man's love of God is the strongest of all human capacities for love.

It is more than the biological love of mother to offspring. Hallmark's true story movie "Giving Away" showed a teen mother fighting for her right to regain her baby illegally given up for adoption by a politically selfish Senator father. She protested before the court that she lost a year to be with her baby, even as adoptive parents claimed a year of parental care.

Man's long loss of love of God for the past 350,000 years or so of human evolution has to be protested. Let us regain that natural urging of divine love NOW.

"As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you O God (Ps. 42).
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Date: Sep 20th, 2017 10:41:30 pm - Subscribe
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Among religions, the Jewish faith outshines others by the practice of love of God.

Other religions teach ethical conduct, cultural obligations (e.g. circumcision of females, arranged marriages, wearing head dresses, etc.). Modern Christian evangelism stresses love of Christ, salvation of the soul, earthly prosperity, healing (faked ones) of sicknesses.

About a hundred websites on spirituality teach wellness, emotional health, psychic powers, etc.

Meanwhile, love of God is the end, apex, and ultimate reward of germane religion and spirituality.
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