Like, Trippy.
Date: Feb 15th, 2006 2:19:43 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Relaxed
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: Choose the One Who Loves You Most by Copeland

Whoa beans, it's been like months. Freaking Months. Prolly close to a year, since I been on here. Crazy go nuts.

So basically I'm still funking and punking bass. I'm 2 semesters into the music major program here at m' college. I know hecka more about music than I ever thought I would.
Yesterday we had a Timed Scale Exam--Yeah, Happy Valentine's Day tounge.gif--which I Aced. Then today we got our bio exam back. And I got a B on it, which is way more than I deserve. I LOVE adjusted percentage grading!

Well, I'm gonna go download music and eat lunch. PEace to y'all
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We Want the Funk! Give Up the Funk.
Date: Jul 22nd, 2005 11:54:42 pm - Subscribe
Mood: I\'m feeling....Bill \"The Buddha\" Dickens\'s 12 minute bass solo on \"Snap, Crackle, and Pop...Live!\"
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: Uhm....It\'s Bill \"The Buddha\" Dickens\'s 12 minute solo! It\'s Funk to the EXTREME!


Sorry, I had to Show my funkee side. Um.....Well, we gather a butt load of junk from like, around our house. That we've uh, gathered over the years. Yeah. Then I have the immense privelage of like, getting up at 5 in the morning to help set up for this garage sale. Yeah. Yeah. Yerah. Yertah. Yertah-zang!

Okay....I'm bored and as I said: I'm feeling funkee. I'm a tad Psychadelicfeelingrightnow.

Today, Chad and I like, Made plans to build a fuel powered marshmallow gun. grin.gif all we need to do is seal off all the open spaces (Except the barrel obviously--Guns with closed barrels just don't work for some reason sad.gif ) and then buy an igniter similar to the one on my potato cannon. grin.gif Yay! We would have Uber powerful marshmallow guns!

Well...Oh yeah! I bought text books for college yesterday! And I'm so excited about my music theory class, that I started reading the text book already! Oh man! *Sign that says "Lover of music"/"slave of music"/"musical geek" appears over head*

Chad called me evil for reading a textbook when school hasn't started. To him, I say, whatever!

Well, over and away I go!

Signed, an Escamilla in the way of Mike
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Forgive me friends, for I am LATE AGAIN
Date: Jul 22nd, 2005 12:24:08 am - Subscribe
Mood: I\'m late again :(....j/\'s SPA (Ska and Punk mixed) :D
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: \"I\'m Late Again\"---by MxPx, off of Panic! Buy it today, peers!

Well, like, Andrew and Cory couldn't make it today. Bummer.

I'm also the unofficial promoter for "I'm Late Again" by MxPx. Ok? If anyone wants this song, I'll send it to them! happy.gif I love it! It's like, Gospel Punk...Gos-Punk....Punk-spel? Anyways, It rocks. I know I hate country, but this song is AWESOME, even though it has a slight country tinge. YOU NEED TO HEAR THE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!cool.gif grin.gif happy.gif

On the opposite end of the cool spectrum, I got a spider bite on my eyelid. It's annoying as all *Thinks of something annoying* non-MxPx country music. grin.gif Oh man, my face looks mildly deformed. But-cha know, you win some and you lose some.

Hey! Chad! I already worked the camp guitar thing out! you bring yours, and I'll bring mine. We switch. I like fat annoying nylon strings, cause they...are bigger. Anyways, I have a lose inlay, but whatever.

I just watched the French Connection. It was pretty cool. I hate swearing though!

Anyways, ttyl!

Keep SPA-ing

Mike Cad
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Ska Funk Vinyl
Date: Jul 20th, 2005 9:19:34 pm - Subscribe
Mood: 9=Pedal Set up
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: Quadzilla

Oi! Oi! Oi! You can’t make me update! You can’t make me! You cannot force a pig through a doughnut! * Ponders * Dang I guess I am updating! Well, I had to take a hiatus! I just was not bloggy, but maybe I am now. What kind of a stupid freakin’ name in “aeonity”?! It’s hecka dumb compared to “Emo Blog” for two reasons:

1) I write Emo basslines.
2) If you took the “B” out of “ Emo Blog” you’d get an “Emo Log”, which sounds intimidating.

Well, in other news, I bought the MxPx CD Panic! It Rocks! It’s cool! I don’t really have anything else to say about it! Well, tommorow, Andrew and (hopefully) Cory with his drums will be coming over! Right on-ness! First time we’ll actually have a semblance of a band!

Well, how’s the rest of you doing? I’m like, going to go, ‘cause I have nothing to say right now and I done typing!

Keep the Ska Flame alive!


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Date: Jun 13th, 2005 12:00:42 am - Subscribe
Mood: iRock! iRock! iRock!
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: It\'s \"Snap, Crackle & Pop...Live\" by Bobby Rock and Neil Zaza, featuring Bill \"The Buddha\" Dickens on bass!!!!

Amy, Only Your Mom updates her blog. And That's only on Wednesdays!! Grrrr.....hey does the name "Ted Easterwing" Ring a bell? From the "American Anti-Health Association"?

Well, moving right along, on friday, I had Alex, chad and Andrew the Jacksonator over, and I think we pranked over 200 people! I love Chad's Cell phone! The whole purpose of us calling was to tell people "I am Nintendo!" It rocked the mad house! Well, we did that for like 3 hours form the white shed, and then ew came in to go to bed, but Andrew and I were restless soooooo, we got online line and looked up band names (*laughs* and *Cringes* at the same time) on I won't go into detail about my gifts---Cause Who the Holy Heck wants to hear that??!!---but I got a SWEET CD which is mentioned in the Blaring Cacophony! You should buy it. Even if you don't like really awesome hard rock.

I'm leaving, bb tomorrow! Peace Off!
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