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roprisdumb The physical embodiment of headaches - Subscribe
Hello! Well, This is my first time as a blogger anywhere. Um...I'm really tired. This is my first day back at school since Easter Break. Despite my age I go to college. I suppose I'm somewhat of a genius.

Ok that was a preview my boring smart side.

ON The Other Hand, a I'm slap happy, Happy go lucky, Addicted to Ska, funny, witty, etc., Upright Bass and Electric Bass player, and most importantly Christian. I'm also easily obnoxious if I don't watch my mouth.

Ok, I have to go to my History of Jazz and Rock class now, but I'll put more of me upon here later.

Rock On, Fake Metal Forever-----Mike

"I play it, then I explain it. Maybe."--Miles Davis
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roprisdumb Hotdogsand bleached bread Apr 5th, 2005 2:30:05 pm - Subscribe
I'm in precalculus and my classmate smacked me with a philosophical question:Why do hotdogs come in packs of 8 and buns in packs of 10?

I mean, think about it; you'd have to buy 5 packs of 'dogs and 4 packs of buns to have equal amounts! grin.gif

What amazing things we think about in pre calc!
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roprisdumb Oi! Oi! Oi! Apr 6th, 2005 12:39:42 pm - Subscribe
Right now I'm tired-er than your mom after wednesday! I had to to tutor this 40 year old guy in math! but at least I get paid! happy.gif Now I get to go to my History of jazz and rock class which I emmensly enjoy. Dag! I just remember that for Youth Symphony, we only have 2 weeks til our concert, and I don't know the music! I haven't practiced it in like, 2 weeks. The conductor's going to have my head! Thankfully, Doug, my bass compadre, can help cover for me!




About the hot dog buns, I came to the conclusion that it's a clever marketing ploy: People will want equal amounts of food, so instead of just buying one pack of buns and 'dogs, they'll buy enough to have equal amounts! tounge.gif They'll be like "Woe is me! Yonder amounts of food are not equal!"

Well, I must e-mail a girl from Indiana! Au Revior!

and Chad: I have your ska, so I'd be a little more cautious (for example, don't call me "nerd")!
Swarthily, La Lazna Rozzijo
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roprisdumb GRAH! KReeto SnAhg! Apr 11th, 2005 1:56:58 pm - Subscribe
*warning Incomplete*
hola compatrioists!

Well, chad I have heard of update. Sorry. I had symptoms of the chronic disease Busy Schoolness! It was awful!

But as punishment for your comment, I'm going to write your name with a lower-case "c" and post my critique of a Beethoven concert I went to for extra credit. Excuse the poor, uncreative writing style:

"By Michael Escamilla
Most of if not the whole audience was amused when Dr. Fiske opened the concert with a cape, very reminiscent of Bela Lugosi in the old Dracula movie, on his shoulders. I talked to some friends afterwards and we agreed that it was one of the most hilarious things we’d ever seen. As I’m not a huge fan of classical music, I’ve never listened to any of the pieces were played at the concert. Just the same, I was awed at the playing ability of the Symphony and there were no noticeable mistakes. I thought that the Call and Response towards the end of the Allegro molto con brio of the Overture to “Prometheus” was particularly cool. One thing that struck me as just plain weird was when one of the cellists decided that her end pin was unnecessary, removed it between pieces, and held her cello off the floor with her knees. I’ve heard before that classical pianists will “sing along” with the more intense parts of some pieces, but watching Dr. Blake was the first time I’ve ever seen it, and I found it humorous. Which is totally irrelevant, to his amount of skill, which was absolutely amazing."

but now I'm prepping for a precalulus test(which I love: thay're open book!!), so i'll be logging off post haste!
Well, ok maybe it IS complete!

Until Next time, adios mi compatrioisitsainaians!

And Remember kids, Roper Is Dumb!
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roprisdumb The flamin\' firey.....firey flamin\'....flaminery! Apr 19th, 2005 2:19:41 pm - Subscribe
Well Hello!

It's been like, 399...years since I last updated! Dag! Well, last weekend I went to my friend's house, and we played a lot of classic MegaMan games(I noticed that all of the intense music had synthisized slap bass!), watched Mr. Deeds and Big Daddy, and then listened to a bunch of the Sirius stations on cable, including but not limited to: Fiesta Mexicana, Reggae, NU Jazz, classic Jazz, That Christian one (I forget it's name, and they happened to be playing a Barlow Girl song Chad), Classic Disco, and Smooth Electronica. Pretty sweet!
Well, My week is immensly happy!! This is the second day in a row that math has been cancelled! SWEET! LOL! So now I'm waiting to go to the library, to tutor a Nicuragwan(Dunno how ta' spell it) guy. Thankfully, it's like, algebra level math!

My brother comes home in 2 days for 5 days before going to New York! Nice!

Well, I'm going to go use the scanner, to scan and then print a transcription of Steely Dan's "Kid Charlemagne". Anyone ever listen to them? Their like a Motown band from the 60s and 70s. They rock.

Well, until next time, keep on bein'!
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