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Date: Feb 15th, 2006 2:19:43 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Relaxed
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: Choose the One Who Loves You Most by Copeland

Whoa beans, it's been like months. Freaking Months. Prolly close to a year, since I been on here. Crazy go nuts.

So basically I'm still funking and punking bass. I'm 2 semesters into the music major program here at m' college. I know hecka more about music than I ever thought I would.
Yesterday we had a Timed Scale Exam--Yeah, Happy Valentine's Day tounge.gif--which I Aced. Then today we got our bio exam back. And I got a B on it, which is way more than I deserve. I LOVE adjusted percentage grading!

Well, I'm gonna go download music and eat lunch. PEace to y'all
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anonymous - February 15th, 2006
Eh foo! Ti'z good that you're back on. But like . . . you COULD blog on myspace too if ya wanted. I mainly cut and paste myspace blogs here jus incase somethin ever happens and my myspace gets deleted or something, or if I don't want certain people to see what I write, I jus write it here. So ya, try the whole myspace twang thang my frang! . . . that was a stretch. Friend, Frang? All's the same. Peace in.

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