\"Go to the Tattaglia family. Make \'em think, eh, you\'re not to pleased with our family.\"
Date: May 31st, 2005 5:18:12 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Um, I'm pretty happy despite being sick, but being able to choose "bootylicious" as a mood is pretty disturbing!
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: A bunch of demo tracks of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones!

Uh. Hi. Well, today I'd like to open with the subject of things that Chad probably can't say. I figure if he's going to bug me about updating, I'll bug him with this!

1) "Fun Humbucker"---I know for a fact he can't say that. I can hardly say it.

2) "I shot my dog, I hit my dog, I shipped my dog to china!"---Same here.

While I'm on the subject of things that are impossible to say, try saying "Red Devils" a lot of times, really fast. And if you can say that, try "giving credit where credit is due" by saying the brand name along with it: "DR Red Devils". Tough, tough, tough!

Okay, enough!

Ugh! I can't believe that none of the cool stores don't hire you if you're under 18! It's total suckiness! I wanted to work someplace like Home Depot, because according to a source, the starting wage is above minimum! But alas, no job for me (I suspect it's because of the spray paint)! So, I'm thinking I'll answer phones and book rentals for Budget Rent-a-car(Then money will be mine! Mweh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!)(I'm in love with parentheses! Yay!)!

But I Digress...

Well, by this point, I'm only going to ramble, unless, of course, that is, contrary to popular opinon, against the grain of proper manners, you'd like to hear about my dream last night. Would you? Nah! I won't do it to you!

Hey has anyone ever seen the Godfather?! Oh, man, it's really cool. Just get permission, 'cause it can be pretty strong. Anyway, it's about a Mafia family in New York vying(?)(vieing?? Viing??) for power. Marlon Brando (don't know if that's correct spelling) plays the Don. He rocks at it!

Anyway, I'm going my way, so avoid music you don't like, and please iRock Responsibily!

A Guy in the Manner of Mike

"If 15 kids get on the bus at this stop, and 13 more at the next stop, True or False: What is the Bus Driver's name?"
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Doo-Da-Doo-Ba...Ba--------SHEEP NOISE!
Date: May 30th, 2005 5:16:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood: upside-downward-wise-eel-stew
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: Destroyed by You-by MxPx, offa Life in General...\"You think the whole world revolves around your head, you\'re ignoring me, you haven\'t heard a word I\'ve said!\"

Excardon the the weird title.

Well, I'm completely free. Done with school. iBadda-bing!
So yes, I believe my finals went well. I think I rocked them offa their pants. Can't waiteth to get my report card! Ugh! So happy!

Hey I've been working on my evil laugh! It sounds like "iMw-eh-heh-heh-heh!", only an ocatave lower! wink.gif

And my life is kinda at a stand still now! It's like, frozen...in an icecube...and it like, won't move! It's been stabbed by yonder paralysis needle!

But I got plans for this summer! Like work! Then The Ernie-Ball MusicMan Bongo 5 will be MINE!!! *turns on the Octave pedal* Mweh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!

But today I'm just chillin'! Playing bass. Practicing the Prelude of J.S. Bach's 1st Unaccompanied Cello Sutie(Yes, I don't play cello: I figure for next year's Youth Symphony auditions I'll blow Dr. Fiske's old man socks off!), trying to come up with some really cool riffs! Because, you know, if I think it's cool then, it is! tounge.gif

by a show of hands, who thinks "When the Saints Go Marching in" is cool?


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\"Okay, that\'s really annoying, so I\'m not going to do it anymore!\"
Date: May 23rd, 2005 2:48:06 pm - Subscribe
Mood: A late 70s MuTron III Envelope Filter
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: \"The Flying Pony(Written by None Other Than....Hank Sanders)\" by Andrew Jackson



OKay, so has anyone heard of Marcus Miller? If anyone has, do they like him(er, his music I mean)? If anyone llikes his music, can anyone BELIEVE the MASSIVE amount of SKILL he possesses?! INSANE!

Well, I'm all mentally keyed up becuase my very first (and hardest) final is in twenty minutes! Precalculus! But after it's over, I'ma have almost 100% clear sailing.

Well, I had to call HighNoteMusic because I've been waiting FOREVER for my DR Red Devils to come. So when I called, the guy was really helpful (which oh so very rare nowadays!) and he spoke with a New Yorker-type accent! I got to hear one in person! Wow! So basically it just came down to that there was a problem with processing and payment.

Also, yesterday was my final Youth Symphony performance. It was pretty cool, because The Youth Symphony and the Shasta College Adult Orchestra did two combined pieces, and I got to play on stage with my Upright Bass teacher! It was cool. And then also, he gave me a Boss GEB-7, 7-band Bass EQ pedal for my Upright's pickup! i i iYay! ! !

ok, well, I'ma go prep myself for my test!

Keep on haulin' through Noth-Western Nevada!

Mike "The Sandwhich" Escamilla
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At the threat of \"No squat being done in the way of something\"...
Date: May 10th, 2005 1:50:31 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Modular Doublewide
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: Teenage Politics by none other than Magnified Plaid

Ok, so like, I just got offa-offa work! And as usual, I now waiteth for yonder precalc to start! Wow! My American Lit class(which needed to be shot) ended today! YESS!!!! My classes are starting to drop like flies!

I have a killer bad performance tomorow! Jazz ensamble! Yay! But I'm only playing one song this semester, because I totally slacked off! anyways....Oh! Last night, I installed my K&K Max Bass pickup on my upright bass! SWEET! And I started putting it through my FX pedal! it killed!

Anyways....I digressss......

Hey, yonder Chadicus! You must needs work on your guitaring skills! I'm working on a song for Aggressive Blues called "The Tritonic Flat Latin Band"! Prepare thine self for Bossa Nova type playing!! BLEHWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

And also, Andrew Jackson had the idea of writing a song about *cough* "moms and wednesdays"! But that's a fascinating story for another day!

Peace out!
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Flamming Metal Death and a Junior High Play
Date: May 9th, 2005 1:55:29 pm - Subscribe
Mood: misanthropic<---Don\\\'t even know what that means, but whatever
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: *Clicks the does not apply box*

Well, once again I feel Stoned/High/Psychadelic after Music 11(history of JAzz and Rock) Class. Danged Beatles and Psychadelic hippies! Anyways, my weekend rocked like, a...guitar.

Onward to yonder BloG!

So Chad had me over, and we racked up lots an' lots of Animal Cruelty points, almost saved Russia on Hard Difficulty, and shot Dinosarus Rexes with fat anti-aircraft guns.

So then The ol' Chadosaurus and I went to help set up for a cast party from which we were banned angry.gif and then we got to jam for a couple of minutes on our guitars n' whatnot.

So, then his friends Megan and Hilary found us in the hall, and I thought it was cool to meet them. But alas, they ended up being the cause of a humongous chunk of flamming metal death being inserted into Chad's back. I was thankful I don't have that sorts of problems grin.gif .

So like, the weekend was really hecka fun 'cept for that Chad got his aorta (heart would be immensly cliche) ripped from his body by jealousy.

...Ok! so I just got back from math, and we got the results of our tests back. 48 out 60 right. Dang, and I so wanted an A!

Now I impatiently wait for the final rehearsal of Jazz Ensamble. This is the last one before we perform on wednesday. And we'll be onstage in the theatre today! Radicalness! Then I go home to face a bass lesson. YES!!!!!

Hey! Y'all should rush out and by some Ernie Ball products.

I'll update tomorrow! I promise! Don't harm me!...or else...
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