Date: Jun 13th, 2005 12:00:42 am - Subscribe
Mood: iRock! iRock! iRock!
What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: It\'s \"Snap, Crackle & Pop...Live\" by Bobby Rock and Neil Zaza, featuring Bill \"The Buddha\" Dickens on bass!!!!

Amy, Only Your Mom updates her blog. And That's only on Wednesdays!! Grrrr.....hey does the name "Ted Easterwing" Ring a bell? From the "American Anti-Health Association"?

Well, moving right along, on friday, I had Alex, chad and Andrew the Jacksonator over, and I think we pranked over 200 people! I love Chad's Cell phone! The whole purpose of us calling was to tell people "I am Nintendo!" It rocked the mad house! Well, we did that for like 3 hours form the white shed, and then ew came in to go to bed, but Andrew and I were restless soooooo, we got online line and looked up band names (*laughs* and *Cringes* at the same time) on www.mysongbook.com I won't go into detail about my gifts---Cause Who the Holy Heck wants to hear that??!!---but I got a SWEET CD which is mentioned in the Blaring Cacophony! You should buy it. Even if you don't like really awesome hard rock.

I'm leaving, bb tomorrow! Peace Off!
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yellomoose - June 15th, 2005
that was so fun! btw . . . ya wanna keep that on the down low? Coz like . . . I think my parents might flip if they find out we broke the law 200 times in one night. Ya, my cell phone might dissapear mysteriously, along with everything else lolz, they'd prolly cut off all comunication with the world. No! No more mexicans!


amy - June 16th, 2005
LOL, I knew it was chad and i figured you were in on it too. if only i had money to donate, i'm sorry i'm poor! (lol and that i hung up on you! wink.gif)


yellomoose - June 23rd, 2005
um, when you said you'd be back tommorrow . . . did you mean like, tommorrow like, the tommorrow of that day? Or of some other day? Wool anyways, sign on to your YIM, I left a treat for you happy.gif Ok maybe it's not a treat that I made, but . . . ya, jus sign on, you'll be rather entertained. Quite good, quite good.


amy - July 18th, 2005
Dag, you haven't updated in like 3 years!! *is bored with this blog, even though the first word of it is my name* IT'S UPDATE TIME!


yellomoose - July 18th, 2005
Dag, you haven't updated in like 3 years!!! *is bored with this blog, even tho the thirty sixth word of it is my name* IT'S UPDATE TIME!


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