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Date: Jul 20th, 2005 9:19:34 pm - Subscribe
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What the HECK is that blaring cacophony!?: Quadzilla

Oi! Oi! Oi! You can’t make me update! You can’t make me! You cannot force a pig through a doughnut! * Ponders * Dang I guess I am updating! Well, I had to take a hiatus! I just was not bloggy, but maybe I am now. What kind of a stupid freakin’ name in “aeonity”?! It’s hecka dumb compared to “Emo Blog” for two reasons:

1) I write Emo basslines.
2) If you took the “B” out of “ Emo Blog” you’d get an “Emo Log”, which sounds intimidating.

Well, in other news, I bought the MxPx CD Panic! It Rocks! It’s cool! I don’t really have anything else to say about it! Well, tommorow, Andrew and (hopefully) Cory with his drums will be coming over! Right on-ness! First time we’ll actually have a semblance of a band!

Well, how’s the rest of you doing? I’m like, going to go, ‘cause I have nothing to say right now and I done typing!

Keep the Ska Flame alive!


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paperdoll - July 20th, 2005
i like ska...well kinda im proboly a posser

keep blogging happy.gif


yellomoose - July 21st, 2005
umm, I can't read a whole lot of that . . . lolz, wha'z intimidating?


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