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The Heat is On

Apr 25th, 2006 4:34:35 pm - Subscribe

After talking with the head custodian, I would tell him that I would meet with him at 9am this morning. During the meeting, I would empathize with him on working in the heat. I would ask him if there had been a work order issued for the air conditioner. Our first priority is to get the air conditioner working. As far as the other item of not working when the school gets hot, I can understand his feelings about not wanting his crew to work in this condition. However, there are things that must get done every day to ensure that the school is in working order when school starts. My first thought would be to determine when the air would be on before making any rash decisions. However, I also realize that this problem might not be remedied too quickly. If the head custodian was insistent about the heat, I would offer the idea of working at night or even split hours. Split hours would mean to allow the crew to come in early and work for 4 hours and then come back latter in the evening and work for 4 more hours. I would not care when the work was done just so that it was done. However, if this was not agreeable, then I would tell him that the other alternative was to work in the heat. And, since he was the head custodian, he needed to let me know by lunch on what his crew was going to do. I would let him know how much I appreciated their job and the pride they took in keeping this school in proper order.
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Barbara Shouldn't Be Promoted

Apr 25th, 2006 4:20:03 pm - Subscribe

I would first talk to my secretary to make sure of the clarity of the message. I would not want to start any problems if there was some type of miscommunications. If the message was correct, I would then proceed to call Mrs. Nelson into my office for a conference. I would let Mrs. Nelson know what the situation was. I would ask her why she was promoted in view of her test scores and grades. There could be the reason that Barbara is a hard worker and tries extremely hard for her. I would let the teacher know that I do understand if this is the reason. I know that she might have gave her some extra credit on assignments for effort. However, if Barbara is having this much of a problem now, just think of what the ramifications could be in the future. I would also let her know that it would be easier on Barbara right now to hold her back that to wait till she gets older. I would also let her know that I was not angry or attempting any type of reprimand, but that we as a team need to look at what is best for the student. With having discussed the options, I would ask what Mrs. Nelson wanted to do. I would let this be her decision because I do not want a teacher to think that I am undermining their authority. I would deeply hope that after our conversation that she would determine that what is best for Barbara is to retain her for a year. If Mrs. Nelson did not think that was the right answer, we would talk some more. After determing the best needs of Barbara, I would call Mrs. Marshall in for a meeting. I would discuss with Barbara's mom the basic idea of the meeting with the teacher. I would let her know that Barbara had worked really hard for Mrs. Nelson that she felt compelled to give her extra credit for effort. With this in mind, it has been decided to retain Barbara in the current grade for another year. I would thank Mrs. Marshall for being concerned for her daughter's well being.
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The Shooting

Apr 19th, 2006 4:05:48 pm - Subscribe

I would hopefully handle this situation in a orderly fachion to make sure that at least one person in the school showed to be in control. After the phone call I would do the following:
1. Call 911 and tell them the situation.
2. I would announce that there was a crisis and that teachers need to keep their students in their room locked and put a blue cloth on the door handle to let us know that everyone in their class was alright. I would instruct the teachers in the cafeteria to get the students in the cafeteria to a classroom or the nearest room and lock the doors.
3. I would rush to the cafeteria to see about the student.
4. I would determine the severity of the wound. I would have the other teachers stay with the student. If the student was coherent and could talk, I would find out who the shooter was and where he thought he went. I would ask the other teacher about the shooter so that I could let the police know what was going on.
5. By this time, I would expect that the police and paramedics were there. I would let them know what the situation was and what I knew about the shooter. I would then work with the police to determine best plan of action.
6. I would then announce to the school to stay where they were and I would let them know what was the next step at a latter time. I would then call the young boy's parents and let them know what had happened and where they were taking their child.
7. I would call central office and tell them of the happenings of the school. I would call them back when the school was secured.
8. After the school was secured, I would work with police to determine the best scenario for letting the students out. I would make announcement that the school was secured and after my announcements that the students would be released. I would think that there students would need to have an idea of what went on and to let them know that the school was safe for them to walk around. I would also let them know that there would be a meeting in the morning to talk about the incident. I would strongly encourage the students to bring their parents to the meeting. I would also encourage the faculty to go outside and comfort the students.
9. I would then release the students and rush outside to comfort all the students that I could. I would let as many parents know what took place and that there would be a meeting in the morning to discuss the incident in its full length and what the next plans of actions would be.
10. By this time, I would imagine that the superintendent and cabinet would be there. I would meet with them to determine the best plan of action. I would want to set up counseling sessions for the students and the faculty. I would want the police to be at the meeting to all the precautions that are and were being taken to try to prevent this from happening. I would want the students, parents, faculty and community know that this school was safe. I would also discuss during this meeting about the media coverage; who was going to say what and where. I would want to let all the media know and have them broadcast about the meeting in the morning.
11. After having a newsconference and the events settling down, I would immediately go to the hospital and check on the hurt student. I would want the child to know that I cared about them and was there for him. I would also talk to the parents and let them know of my concern. I would let them know that whatever I could do for them I would.
12. After the visit, I would call the superintendent and discuss the meeting in the morning. I would want to know any suggestions as to how to set up the counseling. I would also want to have a meeting with the staff after the meeting with the students.

The next day, I would discuss to the students the plan for the next few days. I would discuss with them about the severity of the problem and what had actually had happened. I would let them know on how well the student was doing in the hospital. I would talk to them about the availibility of counseling. I would encourage all students to take part in the counseling. I would also encourage the parents to take part in this healing process. I would ask for any questions. If there were police issues, I would ask that the police come forward and answer the question. At the end of questions, I would let everyone know that I was there for them if they needed to talk. At the end, I would dismiss everyone and ask that the teachers stay for another meeting. During the faculty meeting, I would let the teachers know how much admiration I had for them in how they handled the situation. I would encourage each teacher to seek counseling if they felt like they needed it. I would open the meeting up for questions. After all the questions, I would dismiss the teachers and let them know I was there if they needed to talk.
I realize that I have made this scenario one in which the student that was shot was not hurt extremely bad or even yet killed. I believe that this might have changed the some of the events. However, an important characteristic for the principal is to remain calm and collected. If the principal is out of control, the the students and faculty will be out of control.
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Health Hazard?

Apr 19th, 2006 3:10:56 pm - Subscribe

I would call Mrs. Penn and let her know that there were confidentiality laws that she might have broken by discussing this matter with the secretary. And, if she went to other sources with this information, she would be breaking confidentiality laws too. I would let her know that there could be civil legalities also. I would also let her know that she should rethink her outlook because she could ruin a teacher's career. I would think that working in a hospital, she should know all the laws regarding confidentiality. I would also let her know that I would not discuss this matter anymore. I would lthen call Mrs. Penn's supervisor and let this person know about the conversation that I had just had with their employee.
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What's the Matter with Craig?

Apr 19th, 2006 3:00:02 pm - Subscribe

After having read the memo, I would go to Ms. Matson and talk to her one-on-one to make sure that there was not any misunderstandings. I would then proceed to talk with the other teachers involved on the team with Craig. I would want to hear everyone's side before I went any further with this problem. I would then call Craig in and discuss with him what the situation was. I would let him know what problems had been stated. I would then listen to his side of the story. I would let him know that if a team is to be successful all team members have to work together. Common courtesy is essential especially for teachers in this school. I would not tolerate rude behavior from students as well as teachers. I would let him know of my expectations for the teaching teams. I would assure him that I knew that he would fully work at towards being the optimum team member. After the meeting, I would talk to all the other team members and let them know that things were taken care of. If the problems did not cease, please let me know.
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