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The Heat is On

Apr 25th, 2006 4:34:35 pm - Subscribe

After talking with the head custodian, I would tell him that I would meet with him at 9am this morning. During the meeting, I would empathize with him on working in the heat. I would ask him if there had been a work order issued for the air conditioner. Our first priority is to get the air conditioner working. As far as the other item of not working when the school gets hot, I can understand his feelings about not wanting his crew to work in this condition. However, there are things that must get done every day to ensure that the school is in working order when school starts. My first thought would be to determine when the air would be on before making any rash decisions. However, I also realize that this problem might not be remedied too quickly. If the head custodian was insistent about the heat, I would offer the idea of working at night or even split hours. Split hours would mean to allow the crew to come in early and work for 4 hours and then come back latter in the evening and work for 4 more hours. I would not care when the work was done just so that it was done. However, if this was not agreeable, then I would tell him that the other alternative was to work in the heat. And, since he was the head custodian, he needed to let me know by lunch on what his crew was going to do. I would let him know how much I appreciated their job and the pride they took in keeping this school in proper order.
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