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Final Student Response

Nov 3rd, 2006 5:07:18 pm - Subscribe

High School- Don't plays favorites. Treat everyone the same and give them the same opportunities. Many teachers have pets and allow them many opportunities that other do not get.
If our schools take precautions to keep the school safe, we should trust them and feel that our day-to-day routines are not changed.

Middle school - Pay attention to all of the students. Give help on work they don’t understand. Let them pick where their seats. All of the outside doors are locked to the school and the classroom. They are locked now, but they were not until the recent shootings around the country.
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Subject questions

Oct 25th, 2006 9:30:20 pm - Subscribe

High School student - We have a few Gothic students and Mexicans. We also have groups that are mostly Gay, and the rich kids that are based on part of town they live in. There are Church groups that hang out together, and those that play the same sports.

The coach would play the kids that went to their church over other kids on the team.

Middle school student - There is a group that hangs out with just their church. There is a large group of Mexicans and a very small group of Gothic. There is also a group of kids that their parent are all about the same on who they will let their kids hang out with because they trust them. A group of Mexican girls and Football boys hang out with at lunch. A group of people that talk about Aliens.

All of the non-popular kids usually get picked on and the Jock and cheerleaders get treated much better. They find that the Geeks get annoying because they talk too much.
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Responses From Students

Oct 13th, 2006 8:20:21 pm - Subscribe

Ryley: High School Female.
"The only thing that has happened is that people have called me rich"

Sailor: Jr. High School Female.
"Some of the Mexican kids call me rich girl and don't think that I should go to the gym and play with them. Now they look at me different. I guess that over time they have accepted me more and now it's OK."

These are the responses that where stated to me. I believe that many of our white students get discriminated against because our school is 65% Hispanic.

All of the identities are protected.
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The Heat Is On

Apr 26th, 2006 2:28:46 pm - Subscribe

There are several questions that I believe need to be answered. What is the weather forecast? Do we have any fans available? Can they work in an area of the school that is cooler just for the day or until the unit is repaired? As a last resort give the staff the afternoon off and let them work in the cool of the morning. They also need to realize that they are paid by the hour and need to clock out. This will prevent any questions later.

Next, you need to get on the phone with the head of the maintenance department and schedule the unit to be repaired as soon as possible.

If any other employees are to work on this particular day they need to be notified of the situation and any decisions that were made.
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Barbara Shouldn't be Promoted

Apr 26th, 2006 2:17:02 pm - Subscribe

In this case, it is nice to have a concerned parent. I would have to check with the legalities of not promoting a student to the next grade. One question is once the grades are turned in are they final? I believe they are, but I also believe that a parent should have the opportunity, if warranted, to keep a child back to make sure they know the content.

That leads to the next issue. If the grades are final and you promote the student, then we need to look at possibilities of remediation to help this student catch up. If special education is appropriate, this is another avenue that needs to be explored. This is a problem that the "no child left behind" protocol is trying to fix. I'm not sure if they are approaching it in the best way, but it is being addressed. Social promotion can be remedied by looking at the test scores vs. the students’ classroom scores. If there is a problem it will be with the teacher and not the student.

Mrs. Nelson now needs to be addressed on the issue of the test scores not reflecting the performance of the student in her class. Yes, it may be embarrassing for the student to repeat a grade, but I believe that if they can be helped. If a teacher is keeping a close eye on the borderline students then he/she will be able to correct of the learning difficulties before they go too far. Teachers also need to be reminded that they are not doing students any favors when they pass them onto the next grade.
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