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randomhero Yes! I am a long way from home - Subscribe
how appropriate for this song to come on now.

been a while.

perhaps too long.

I have this grandiose idea for a folky outfit complete with banjos and guitars and mandolins and all things wonderful in the world.

and it will melt some fucking faces when it happens.

Been at Temple now for about two months.

It's raining. hard. they suspended the world series last night.

the world fucking series

no city in the world has this kind of luck.

except philly.

am I too pessimistic?
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randomhero Temple University Welcomes You and Your Family! Sep 7th, 2008 11:29:33 pm - Subscribe
So says the banner over Berks Mall.

I've been here for 2 weeks now. It's not bad.

There are things I like.

and things I don't.

I suppose alot of this whole college thing is a matter of preference. For some people it's perfect, and for others it's hell.

I've met some awesome people. I hope to become better friends with them.

I like this city.

I would say that Philadelphia is the aspect of this school that I enjoy the most.

If this were any other city in the world, I'd be filing my transfer already.

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randomhero They don't know nothin about redemption. Aug 23rd, 2008 3:18:49 pm - Subscribe
In four days, I leave this town.

And the house I was raised in.

And the friends I made.

heavy shit.

It's funny how you can go so long believing that everything you have is constant and will never change.

there are no constants.
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randomhero ESSPLODE Aug 10th, 2008 6:04:10 pm - Subscribe
The parking authority of the city of Philadelphia towed my car last night for being parked 3 feet further down the street than the car behind me.

The only thing telling me that parking was taboo was a 3-inch by 6-inch sign.

no, not even a sign, a peice of aluminum with words on it.

I now owe the parking authority 166 dollars.

makes you think doesn't it??

maybe not...
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randomhero A Pirate's Life For Me. Aug 7th, 2008 11:02:39 am - Subscribe
I recently began seeing the brighter side of things.

Or, perhaps I resumed seeing the brighter side of things.

There was a period of time not too long ago where I honestly saw humor in just about everything. I used to laugh all the time and be a generally happy person.

I feel like I'm getting back to that.

Let's see how that plays out.

There are people out there who will not, under any circumstances, be totally pleased with the things you do, the way you act, or alleged changes you undergo.

They will go out of their way to make sure you are perfectly aware of their displeasure.

fuck 'em.

Dane Cook is a generally annoying individual.

He's not funny and he steals other people's material.

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randomhero For love of Barbara Allen. Aug 2nd, 2008 11:31:09 am - Subscribe
Looking for something new and exciting?

Listen to Holy Fuck.

Incredible electronica/dance/indie that borders on lo-fi.

Sounds like what would happen if Aphex Twin listened to Coltrane instead of doing all that acid...or the sick, twisted, illegitimate lovechild of DFA 1979 and Hot Chip.

A must-hear for fans of Black Moth Super Rainbow.

I crashed my car...It's not that bad but the insurance rates are gonna skyrocket.

I'm still broke. I've been working this job for almost 3 weeks now and I haven't a cent to show for it.

Apart from that, things really aren't that bad.

I'm hoping for some rain...maybe I won't have to go to work today so I can go to MC's party.

Buy me this
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Thank you.

I'm having a severe case of writer's block. I have like 5 ideas for songs that I want to develop but they're just going nowhere.

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randomhero All you do is fucking run. Jul 28th, 2008 6:04:41 pm - Subscribe
If you don't want anything to do with me anymore.

please...just come out and say it.

I'm sick of going out of my way for a one-way friendship....this sucks.
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randomhero Let's put a smile on that face. Jul 21st, 2008 12:37:54 pm - Subscribe
A public service announcement:

If you have a boyfriend...or a girlfriend for that matter...please, for the sake of all things good and decent in this world, if you plan to break things off with them, have the decency to do it to their face.

It's just disgusting to me that people would actually consider doing that in a text. Even more disgusting that people I always thought were far more mature than that would stoop to such a level.

what the fuck ever.

I saw the Dark Knight the other day.

I definitely think it's the best Batman film to date, however I still have my concerns.

Heath Ledger really did give the definitive performance as the Joker...the one by which all others should be judged. He made that character exactly what it was supposed to be : an agent of chaos. A sick, twisted man whose sole aim is to create disorder and point out that humanity is inherently insane.

They did, however, try too hard to make him more "human". I really disliked the fact that his face and hair were just makeup. That implies that the Joker cares enough about physical intimidation to apply that makeup all the time. I find that hard to believe for the character.

Aaron Eckhart's portrayal of Harvey Dent was pretty good, but I didn't like the way he did Two-Face. Not nearly enough emphasis was put on the character's extreme schizophrenia. You never got the idea that he actually was torn between Harvey Dent, the altruistic DA who honestly wants justice, or Two Face, the murderous freak.

I did really enjoy the way they showed Batman's struggle with the notion of killing the Joker. In a way, the Joker almost wants Batman to kill him simply because it would be the perfect punchline to his self-perpetuating joke. The scene in the interrogation room is quite possibly one of the most intense ones in the film. Batman has a very serious struggle with his anger and hatred towards the Joker and comes very close to killing him.

I'm done.
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randomhero swing like a chariot Jun 18th, 2008 1:39:33 pm - Subscribe
So Caralee and I are now together.

She's pretty awesome.

I decided to start from scratch with Municipal City Limits.

Even the name might go...

I plan to re-record Hold On, So Damn Good, The Great Liberation..., and maybe Anna Magdalena

If I redo Anna Magdalena, I will probably change the way it's arranged quite a bit. A lot of the instrumentation and voicings came out like shit.

Hold on will stay pretty much as is, with perhaps a slight tempo shift and I hope to mic the drums better.

So Damn Good needs a lot of work, however the mandolin part and the guitar parts will remain identical to the original recordings.

The Great Liberation... may actually remain unchanged...I might not even re-record it simply because I need matt to redo the bass track if that's the case. I could just run it through a gain change.

And then, if all goes according to plan, I will record one, possibly two, brand new songs.

and those six (five?) (four?) (seven?) songs will become the final ep.

I promise

It's gonna work this time.

no really...I mean it.
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randomhero I don't want for us to take pills. May 26th, 2008 10:45:07 pm - Subscribe
I have come to the conclusion that Noah Lennox is by far the most talented and musically inspired member of Animal Collective.

Listen to his solo work in comparison to the stuff Avey Tare did with Kria Brekken. While I like Dave's stuff...Person Pitch is just a beautiful record. Every aspect of it just shimmers.

The self titled Panda Bear record was incredible too. Far less sample-based, it found a happy medium between the often over-used SP-404 and just a simple acoustic guitar. I feel as though the collective works much better when they focus more on acoustic guitars and rhythm patterns rather than sample and midi based music. Sung Tongs, which was far more acoustic-based, is by far my favorite collective album. Strawberry Jam is a great record, but it seems to get monotonous after a bit. How many times can you alternate syncopation with two Boss samplers and have it still be enjoyable??

One track from SJ that has really caught my attention of late, which I didn't give the due praise to earlier when the record first came out is the track "Derek". It is such a perfect ending for the record. It kind of makes everything come full circle. It's just such a peaceful, serene song. Andrew loves it.

I'm excited for something that may end up being good in the future. More on that later.
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randomhero Your hand in mine May 23rd, 2008 5:57:33 pm - Subscribe
I had the opportunity last night to see A Silver Mt. Zion at the FU Church.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to attend.

Meagher gave me a full report on it, however. He said that he left after only two songs by ASMZ because they didn't go on until ungodly late. He said it was a big dissapointment. I still wish I would have gone. I'm overdue for a good show...My last one was Explosions in the Sky back in April.

That was a mindblowing show. It was truly a humbling experience to see such passion put into music.

I was actually moved to tears at that show. First Breath After Coma was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

Is that weird?

Today was my last class day of high school, which in turn makes it the last day of catholic school.

Growing up in catholic school has made me question what I missed out on. I mean yeah, it's not all that different. I just feel like theres something that public school does to people that catholic school doesn't do.

I don't feel as though I was sheltered or anything for the last 12 years. People have this misconception about catholic high schools that they're these tight-knit communities where nothing goes wrong. Having attended one, I know that the exact opposite is true. Our class has gotten much closer this year than we ever have been. I feel like we really had our distinct groups before but now we are more united...which I guess is good.

Graduation is in two weeks.

Not sure how to feel on that.

I'm pumped for tonight. We'll see how it goes, I suppose.

More on that later.
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randomhero I don't have anything better to do than you May 20th, 2008 9:47:21 pm - Subscribe
I feel like blogging is one of those things you do when you have run out of things to do.

It's that way for me, at least. I've honestly been sitting here with nothing to do at all for about 4 hours now.

We have reached those last days of high school. I have three class days remaining, after which I take some finals and graduate. After that, it's a short summer and off to college.

Temple, by the way.

Excited as I am, I can't help but worry that it wasn't the right choice.

I have gotten much closer to my actual class this year. Before this year, my best friends all resided in other grades. This is the first year I was really able to connect with members of my own grade. I suppose its better that way.

I have been listening to alot more electronic music lately. I want to get into sample based music and electronica. I have been really inspired by artists like MSTRKRFT and Efterklang. One of my latest obsessions, however, is a band from PA called Black Moth Super Rainbow. They opened for Architecture in Helsinki when I saw them last year. At the time, I didn't appreciate the show the way I really should have, because I was so amped for Architecture. These guys roll out on stage with more vintage keyboards and synths than Keith Emerson's garage and proceed to lay down these intricate, layered textures. The most amazing thing about it, however, is the bit of funk that's thrown in there by their very talented female drummer. As far as I can tell, most of the percussion on their recordings is midi-based, however when I saw them, this girl layed down these funky, hip-hop inspired grooves the entire time. I highly reccomend that you give a listen.

The Municipal City Limits record is actually almost done. I've broken about 8 personal deadlines now for when I told myself I would have it completed, but oh well.

Check out some tracks at

I should update this more often.

I think I will.

yeah, I will.
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randomhero the dude abides. Dec 27th, 2007 10:23:43 am - Subscribe
been a while

too long i suppose.

christmas came.
and went.
new years is in 4 days.

so i guess its time to wrap up 2007

my last year ever of kid-dom

after this i have to start mattering

and, you know, doing those things that, like, only people who matter do

like getting triple shot macchiatto enimas every morning to make it through a job in a box


my top 10 albums of 2007:

1. panda bear--person pitch

2. the arcade fire--neon bible

3. animal collective--strawberry jam

4. menomena--friend and foe

5. explosions in the sky--all of a sudden, i miss everyone

6. radiohead--in rainbows

7. streetlight manifesto--somewhere in the between

8. page france--page france and the family telephone

9. omar rodriguez-lopez--se dice bisonte, no bufalo

10. big d and the kids table--strictly rude

i think that kinda sums it up

feel free to leave your agreement/disagreement/things i forgot
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randomhero think i'll have myself a beer. Oct 22nd, 2007 8:52:08 pm - Subscribe
I can't wait to go to college.

and make a successful life for myself.

and prove my mother wrong.

prove to her that I'm not a failure who couldn't live up to his sister.

because while shes off teaching chem to juniors who could care less...and all the while getting her GED'S and PHD's and STD'S

i'll be making a career for myself.

so fuck them

fuck them all

fuck me?

fuck you.

I'm so sick of everyone's bullshit

fuck you all.

mom, you blow everything out of proportion.

grow the fuck up and stop giving me the silent treatment.

grow a pair of balls and talk to your fucking son.
Mood: furious

randomhero I've never personally been to the big party Oct 11th, 2007 10:17:08 pm - Subscribe
Today was a very very very long day

renn faire.

long bus ride.

got lost.

started raining.

started downpouring.

couldnt find shelter.

the dye from b-mo's cape came off all over my sweatshirt.

kept downpouring.

im soaked, cold, and getting sick

i got a digiridoo.

and a cane flute.

pretty badass.

then get to rehearsal

all fine and good

until jess flips me off from far away

i wont go into detail about the events that followed...but lets just say i was accused of many things

some true and some untrue

and told that i was never to be spoken to by jess, dani, or marissa.

shauna was neutral.

i dont know where i stand right now

but im very much afraid that I just lost a few very valuable friends.

Mood: awful

randomhero I love this light in winter time. Oct 2nd, 2007 8:34:51 pm - Subscribe
Winter's Love by Animal Collective may be one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.

I have off tomorrow

and thursday.

I WAS gonna get some recording done.

some of my own, and some of Meagher's.

but now, we have rehearsal

so that's all blown to shit.

I gave my fucking soul to this show and the other cast members don't even seem to care.

It's not so much the leads, its the ensemble.

They are fucking terrible.

You know how they say "a team [cast] is only as strong as it's weakest link"?

I guess they were right.

I wrote 2 good fragments based around the same idea.

I need to arrange them a bit and maybe tweak some things.

oh, yeah...

and write lyrics.

I feel very behind on the college application/searching process.

This kind of goes back to the whole "everyone else seems to have it all figured out" post from a little while back.

I feel like everyone knows where they want to be for the rest of their lives.

Like they have it all set in stone.

.....I don't........

does that make me a bad person?
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randomhero the prospect of lightning was ever so frightening Sep 29th, 2007 3:49:52 pm - Subscribe
I just ordered tickets for Architecture In Helsinki on the 10th.

I am a-very excite.

I quit Boston Market today.

That place can burn for all I care.

I think the music industry needs to shut the fuck up about internet music piracy.

Personally, I think peer to peer file sharing networks like kazaa, napster, limewire, soulseek (my weapon of choice), and bit torrent are the best things to happen to the music industry since the Beatles.

Not only do they provide free publicity for relatively unknown artists, but they also promote the spread of sounds you aren't going to get on the radio...which is what the world needs right now.

We need experimentation and sounds that fall into that "off the beaten path" category.

Major lables have been on a downward spiral for years. Unless you're living under a rock, it's common knowlege that turning on the radio nowadays means hearing the same 4 songs over and over and over again.

Regardless of wether or not peer to peer sharing existed, it would only be a matter of time before major lables became obsolete.

The fact that so many major artists (usually the ones who wrote those 4 songs you hear on the radio) have such a problem with music piracy just points out their hypocracy.

They're always talking about the fans, the fans, the fans.

If they really gave a shit about the fans, they would be HONORED that people were downloading their music...not bickering with the supreme court over royalties and how "this is what's killing the music industry".

Maybe this rant isn't so much "down with the music industry" as much as "thank (insert higher power) for independent lables and radio at the low end of the dial"

make a difference...listen to good music.

support indie lables and radio stations.

Keep an eye out for Yellow Cab Records.

Coming to a car stereo/sound system/venue/ipod/radio near you.
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randomhero you trust your insight Sep 27th, 2007 10:14:44 pm - Subscribe
I hate my job. I need to quit.

enough pessimism...the phils won and the mets theyre now tied for first place

and the office was amazing tonight

so this was by no means a bad night.

turns out I may be going to canada for senior week. I hope that works out.

I'v found myself growing more and more jealous of other people's happiness and stability.

almost like everyone else has got it all figured out.

I know they dont.

but they put on a good show.

oh well...what are you gonna do?



dont do this.

its bad.

and youre gonna get hurt in the end.

i know you think i cant relate to your situation but i have fucking been here.

consider the fact that i might know something you dont.
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randomhero damn it feels good to be a gangsta Sep 23rd, 2007 10:43:00 pm - Subscribe
I'm in a much better mood than my last post.

Someone left me an anonymous comment on that post that really put things into perspective for me.

So to the person who wrote that...if you're reading, thank you.

Lester Bangs once theorized that perhaps its purest form...chooses you

it lives in your car, your house, your room

maybe he was right

or maybe it was the acid.

i should go to bed.
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randomhero cut down all the trees and name the streets after them Sep 21st, 2007 2:54:58 pm - Subscribe
My jealousy has become a serious, serious problem

Theres this person I can't look at.

I can't talk to them because of my extreme jealousy for what they have, or claim to have.

I think my biggest problem is my inability to come to terms with the fact that...I'M NOT IMPORTANT TO YOU ANYMORE

for so long, I was "that guy" for you

and now I'm being replaced

So thanks for giving up on me.



the jealousy is just the one facet of my extreme distaste for you that I seem to be focusing therefore I have turned it into the living, breathing, battery-powered embodiment of my negativity.

For whatever reason, I can't bear to talk to you.

And worst of all, I don't exactly know why.

This is the weirdest feeling in the world. I want so badly to talk to you and set this straight

but talking to you makes me unreasonably angry.

like angrier than any healthy person should be.

fuck you all.

I'm in the worst mood right now.

I seriously want to put a bullet between the eyes of every panda that wont fuck to save its species.

I want to club seals and punt babies.

I can't fucking explain it.

whats wrong with me?
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