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Gettin Lucky In Kentucky

Oct 6th, 2004 5:42:20 pm - Subscribe

Tomarow and Friday no school for me!! WOOP! grin.gif. Im leaving for Kentucky tomarow and im so excited!!

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Oct 4th, 2004 4:42:46 pm - Subscribe

i want to delete all of my blogs but it wont let me
mood: sick
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the yeah

Oct 3rd, 2004 5:08:58 pm - Subscribe

got the new used cd
mood: amazed
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writing more this time..

Sep 30th, 2004 5:05:57 pm - Subscribe

Ok this time im writing more , last time i was to lazy to.

Right now im sitting listening to Underoath on my handy headphones. Yeah man. Hmm. Today in gym i had to run a mile.. (4 laps around the track).. Usually i get done in like 7 minutes today since i didnt feel good i did really shitty and got 10:55. Um yeah.
As posted in my last blog , i am going Veg for a week, its going to be hard, if you think about it you probally think its easy. But try to do it and you feel like your going to die.
Tomarow is FRIDAY!! We all know what that means.. I GO TO MY DADS!lol.. not the most exciting place on earth lol. Saturday is Allies house WOOOP! im so excited. Next Thursday we leave for Kentucky baby! lol thats going to be so much fun yeah .

Well i want the new Used cd but all walmart had was the edited version and i was like um no.

Yeah ill maybe post tomarow some more, but i doubt it. To mych fucking home work. I still need to study for Health
mood: Coughy
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Im going Veg....

Sep 30th, 2004 4:15:15 pm - Subscribe

Yes thats right Im going Veg.. for a week, lets see if i can do it

Wow its been like a week since ive posted any thing. hmm. I dont have anything exciting to say besides allies house saturday.. woop. And Kentucky Next thursday.
mood: loud
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