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Beginning Day 6 Aug 30th, 2004 6:20:44 am - Subscribe
Well I learned something.
First though, I have decided to allow myself occasional salmon or tuna. Which of course is not on the HD, (Hallelujah Diet) and neither is dairy, which I have allowed myself my shredded cheddar on my salads. So I cannot really say that I am on the HD, because with the fish and cheddar, I am not following it 100%. But I guess my diet doesn't have to have a name to work, lol.

But getting back to what I have learned! Last night, late, I thought that I "just had to snack" and so I had 2-slices of Ezekial toast w/non-hydrogenated spread (which I will refer to from here on out as "spread") and "just fruit" fruit spread, and probably 1/2 can of pink salmon.

I feel OK about what I ate, but it was WHEN I ate it. Since the beginning of My Journey here, I have been waking up with a pleasant lightness in my tummy; a new feeling for me - and a pleasurable one! And I have found that I cannot eat very much late at night-and then expect to feel my best in the morning; it just don't work that way.

So I am going to have to get a grip on my night time snacking, and the later it is when I eat, the worse that I feel in the morning. YUK

Something tells me that I am going to HAVE to learn to apply self-discipline in this area - something that is new to me with my eating.

It can be done! I have quit smoking - so I KNOW that I have the strength that it takes withiin me to learn to NOT snack in the late evening! I need to decide on a time, and then decide that I will NOT eat anything after that time..... I will think on that today......
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