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Crashed, Burned, Got Back Up! Dec 22nd, 2004 7:34:42 pm - Subscribe
Here it is almost my birthday - I will be 48 in 3-more days - and, surprisingly, this feels good in a weird way! (go figure!)

Well, since I have last posted way back in late August - around 3-months ago - I have crashed hard on my Journey Back To Thin. Last summer was one of the absoloute worst summers of my life - and I have not had very many of those! It probably was not detectable in my previous posts, as it was not something that I was talking about, but I was going through hell last summer, and am just now, in the past few weeks, beginning to feel like I am maybe getting it "together" again, THANK GOD. I won't go into all that happened on here - no need for that - and besides, I just want to move FORWARD from this point on.

I also started smoking again, shortly after my last post, and have been smoking like a chimney ever since - sheesh! All that I can say about that is that I made the fatal mistake of having "just one" - knowing full well that I cannot smoke "just one." But that was the Nicodemon talking, and in my addict-state-of-mind, I listened, fell for it, and then of course crashed.

But one must go on. Now, I am looking at another quit-smoking date of January 1st.

And next week, I am joining the local Curves for Women. I am going to need a physical outlet when I quit smoking here in a few days, and I have chosen Curves over the local YMCA, at least for now. I am too big and fat to have any desire to work-out in a co-ed group. NO THANK YOU.

I plan on going to Curves a minimum of 3-days a week. I know it will really help me to feel better about myself. I want to get healthy and fit SO BAD!

As far as my healthier intake of what I am putting into my body, well, lets just say that I lost my good handle on it, and am going to have to start over in that area, which I will, but now, with my upcoming quit, that will probably most likely go on a back burner until I feel like I have the non-smoking thing back under control - ONE THING AT AT TIME!

I did this all to myself, so now I am just having to deal with the mess that I produced. HOW NICE.
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Mood: Optimistic About My Future!

avatar david - December 22nd, 2004
Hey saladrock, just wanted to wish you a happy early birthday. I probley wont be around a PC for the next few days. Take care, and welcome back!

saladsrock - December 23rd, 2004
Thank you, David. I appreciate that. Wow - a live person out there in cyberspace has actually has read what I have written!! Thanks for the WB. :-)


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