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End of Day Four Aug 28th, 2004 11:19:07 pm - Subscribe
Well had a successful day with my Journy. Went to an Herbalife meeting that I had been invited to; wanted to look at the opportunity.

I cut up a huge seedless watermelon this morning before the meeting, and got full on it, it tasted sooooo good to me! Then, at the meeting, they passed around those power/nutrition/weight loss bars, you know that kind, well, I thought, "I am really hungry right now, and these bars are supposed to CURB my hunger - what better opportunity than now to test them out!"

So I ate one. It satisfied my hunger. For about 10-minutes. LOL I don't regret eating it; it was an interesting test, and I think that I would have had to eat like, 5 or 6 of them to curb MY appetite, lol.

Anyhow, when I got home I had some more melon and then fixed myself a huge salad consisting of: Romaine, carrots, red cabbage, broccolli, endive, and some other assorted greens, sprinkled with raw pumpkin seeds and of course a handful of my shredded cheddar. Oh yeah, I threw in about 1/2 cup or so of raw salsa, and it was really yummy! I had a slice of Ezekial toast with the salad.

Later I had more melon; can't seem to get enough of it; it is really sweet and juicy!

So that was my intake for the day. I am hoping that when I weigh myself in the morning that I will have lost at least another pound - I need to stop weighing myself every day like that, and just stick with once a week - less stress!
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Day Four Yet Aug 28th, 2004 7:35:09 am - Subscribe
My tummy really is feeling empty - or are these feelings not so much from being empty as from the process of shrinking? I LIKE THIS THOUGHT!

It makes sense to me that tummy shrinking would would feel just like these sensations that I am having; it is difficult to explain, but it is kind of like a knawing, empty, burning-type feeling in the pit of my tummy - I LIKE IT -

But it is also giving me the sense that my body needs to rest for awhile, that perhaps it is doing some work inside and needs for me to just lie down and be still for awhile, so I believe that I will do just that.
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Day Four Beginning Aug 28th, 2004 7:09:42 am - Subscribe
Woke up eary this morning and do I ever feel light; it was the first thing that I noticed when I woke up. And the scales show that I have lost 1 lb. so far. Not real impressive, lol. But I know that I am doing everything right, regular excercise, no meat, no sugar, no flour, no fried, no dairy. (except what I am allowing myself for my salads.)

So the weight WILL begin to drop, I KNOW it will - my body is probably in shock right now is all LOL.

But today, Day Four, seems like this is THE day for things to start "kickin' in."

I have this sense that I had to make it to this day first - maybe kind of like a "beginning purge," or a "beginning cleanse," that is what it feels like - like NOW, TODAY, my BODY is ready to start, along with my mental self, which has been ready since 5-days ago, lol.

But thats OK; I have put my body through alot, so if it needs to take its time getting used to this new way of eating, then so be it. I can tell that my belly inside is definatly beginning to shrink - Hallelujah!

Took my Barley Green powder when I first got up, and am now eating a fresh, ripe pear as I write this. :-)
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A Good Day Aug 27th, 2004 11:05:25 pm - Subscribe
Did great with my diet. Have not gone off it once! grin.gif

I let my walk slide today cause it was sooo hot and muggy outside; but thats OK cause I walked every day this week, so I figure a day of rest is good for me.

Short blog tonight; good day, nothing new or different, lol.

Will write more tomorrow or the next time I feel I have something to write about; I will not necessarily post something in here everyday unless I feel that I have something to say; I figure that is the time to journal, then, the words come real fluid-like...
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Day Two Still Aug 26th, 2004 11:26:44 am - Subscribe

And steer me right off My Journey Back To My Thin Self!

Right now I am around 90% Raw - and this is easier for me than "trying" to not eat the garbage, (S.A.D.) or to eat "less" of it; that technique just does NOT work for me.

I used to smoke cigarettes, and I could never "cut down" or "just smoke occasionly" - because I am a NICOTINE ADDICT - seriously - and I know that I can NEVER take another puff, because, like an alcoholic, who cannot have "just one drink," I am "just a puff away from a pack a day!"

And so it is with my other addiction - (and my ONLY other addiction, thank God!) - Garbage Food! I am coming to realize that I need to get myself OFF of it entirely, 100%, in order to be able to heal from it, and to then reap the benefits of totally healthy eating!

I am letting myself have baked potatoes or baked sweet potatoes once a day; I eat them plain, no butter, no nothin' on them - and believe it or not, they are pretty good!
There is alot to of positve regarding this Mono-Eating.......
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