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Subway Sabatoge Aug 31st, 2004 10:45:14 pm - Subscribe
Ending Day 8.

I began working at a local Subway (restaurant-not rail commuter lol) two-days ago, and lo and behold, yesterday and today I was NOT 75% Raw...... which is my daily goal, as it is the main component -along with my regular walking - of My Journey Back To Thin....

Wondering now, wht to do....I need to think of a new game plan here; I do NOT want to leave My Journey, NO WAY!

Should I think of another method, like, allow myself one Subway meal on the days that I work - and then, after I leave work, nothing but raw the remainder of that day? I think that I would actually rather do it this way, then keep beating myself up every day for eating at work; that is stoopid!

The way that I see it is, I either eat at work or I don't - and with me just being new at this job, I know myself; it is just too darn difficult to be making all of those different kinds of subs, wraps, and salads, and NOT be sampling them - ESPECIALLY when, as an employee, I get a FREE lunch everyday...ACK!

At least Subway is known for its low-fat, low-calorie sandwiches, and isn't some greasy-spoon hamburger joint that revolves around a fryer and a grill; I do have THIS consolation.....(with the exception of their home-made fresh-daily cookies - YIKES!)

I think that what I am going to do is allow myself to eat my one free meal each workday, and then when I leave work, discipline myself to eat RAW ONLY. This just makes more sense to me than to be beating myself up each day for eating at work.....

Sadly enough, I realize that doing this is going to take me LONGER to complete My Journey, (by reaching my goal weight of 135 lbs.), however, since I am making the decision, then this is the price I am paying....

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