Adapting Mission to our Society
Date: Aug 16th, 2009 1:17:43 am - Subscribe
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I think servant evangelism is one great way to adapt the way we share the gospel. In 'Conspiracy of Kindness' Steve Sjogren argues that methods of evangelism should be abandoned when they are worn out. On page 43 he echoes Catherine Booth:

The gospel of Jesus Christ is unchanging, but the trappings of the world around our message is everchanging. In just the same way, the heart of our evangelism remains constant, but the exterior stands in need of continual change in order to communicate to contemporary society.
We need to ask some searching questions regarding how we approach evangelism in this generation. I suspect that if William Booth were alive in the 1990s, he would be doing things a little differently than he did a century ago.

From next week I'll do a servant evangelism project every week for four weeks... It will be exciting to see what God will do! Around the start of September I'll blog about these projects at the following address:

Thanks for reading.
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