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salvotim Disturbed by a baby - Subscribe
King Herod was disturbed by a baby. Herod wanted to remain King of the Jews. This so called 'Herod the Great' was so desperate to retain his power that he murdered little children. You can read this story in the Bible in Matthew chapter 2.

The wise men who were searching for the newborn king must have also had their lives disturbed. They left their families, their jobs, and their pleasurable pastimes in order to look for the king. They left these good things to find the greatest one, Jesus. Were these sacrifices and the weeks of travel worth it? Absolutely! When they found Jesus they were overjoyed. They bowed down and worshipped Jesus, the Son of God.

There are many good things about Christmas: getting together with family and friends, good food, presents and good fun. But let us be like the wise men and make sure that we find Jesus. Will you go to church and worship God's Son, Jesus? Jesus is the one who can fill your life with peace and joy.
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