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salvotim Two Weeks & Loving Our Seaside Home! - Subscribe
We've been here in Dodges Ferry for over two weeks. The highlights have been:
>Getting to know our corps. They're a friendly & positive group of 35 or so people.
>On Monday we met with our leaders. They are fantastic people: Marie, Peter, Daniel, Trish & Elspeth. Thanks for all you do in the name of Jesus.
>Having Claire's parents stay for the first week. Thanks Alicia & Ian for helping us settle in.
>Meeting some of the people who use the Salvos extensive buildings: Okines Community House, Sandcastles Childcare Centre, & Online Access Centre.
>Meeting our Thrift Shop Volunteers. Thanks ladies for your faithful work.
>Meeting some of the locals. This is a very relaxed & friendly community. It's obvious that the locals love the easy going lifestyle by the beach.
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salvotim Who Am I Feb 24th, 2009 3:54:38 pm - Subscribe
I was born in the country to a family of modest means. Yet I rose to become Prime Minister of Australia. I was raised as a Catholic. My first attempt to enter parliament was unsuccessful.

When I was elected to federal parliament as a Labor MP, I spent many years in opposition. The conservatives were in power during a decade of economic prosperity. However in their final term in office their industrial relations policies were unpopular with the electorate. The conservatives lost government and the Prime Minister lost his seat.

When I was elected Prime Minister Labor had been out of government for over a decade. During my first year as Prime Minister the world was gripped by a severve economic crisis.

Who am I?
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