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salvotim The Salvos are growing in all directions! - Subscribe
As Commissioner Knaggs has reported in his blog ( seven Salvo corps have been planted in January.
They are:
In Tasmania: Barrington Lodge,
In Eastern Victoria: Mitcham, & Noble Park,
In Western Australia: Harry Hunter Centre, & Seaforth Gardens,
And in the Northern Territory Region: Katherine, and Kununurra.
Praise God that His Kingdom is growing in the South, the East, the West and the North!

I was interested to see that both Harry Hunter Centre & Seaforth Gardens are in the Perth suburb of Gosnells. So with these new neighbours to the Gosnells Corps, there are now 3 corps in this one suburb! How fantastic!!! I wonder how long it's been since the Salvos had 3 corps in the one suburb? I guess it would be 50 years or more! I know there was once 3 corps in Richmond.
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salvotim One Day Feb 18th, 2010 4:30:24 am - Subscribe
A couple more visions for the Salvos in the Australia Southern Territory:

'...that every corps would embrace the gospel for everyone in their community, not discriminating by culture, language, social status, or age, and that the helping ministries would be woven into the fabric so that even under a nuclear microscope we could not distinguish between spiritual and social.

'...that every social program would be inviting to any one in need to be helped towards eternal affect, still maintaining our resolve to dispense such love indiscriminately and unconditionally, and that their connections with the corps ministries become seamless to the point that they would become a type of corps in their own right.

My reflection:
These visions outline what God raised The Salvation Army up to be:
>An army that is fighting all out to win the world for Jesus!
>A united army with every corps and social program meeting peoples' physical and spiritual needs!

May we live up to our divine calling...
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salvotim Salvos movin on! Feb 24th, 2010 6:53:16 am - Subscribe
Praise Jesus for St Kilda & St Marys corps! At latitude 148*11' St Marys is most easterly corps in AUS territory. Two new corps moves our total to 168 by my count. alleluja!!
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