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salvotim Traditional Church & Organic Church - Subscribe
Last month I went for a row with my family in my inflatable row-boat. It reminded me of Traditional Church:
>A lot of equipment & setting up was needed
>It was predictable but not as much fun as I hoped
>It was hard work to get moving
>One person did all the work while the others were passengers
>We seemed to go around in circles a lot

The next day I went bodyboarding. I thought this was more like Organic Church:
>Minimal equipment and set up was needed
>It was very exciting & unpredictable
>The power came from God, It was easy when I went with the natural flow
>Each person is actively involved
>I got into position & relied on God's power

This year I plan to take up bodyboarding & leave my inflatible row-boat in the shed. With God's help I will also jump into the adventure of planting an Organic Church.
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salvotim One Day Jan 19th, 2010 6:58:18 am - Subscribe
My next posts are from the dream our Salvo leader, Commissioner Jim Knaggs shared in October 2007. It's exciting to see how God has begun to make this dream a reality:

I have a dream that one day The Salvation Army will, in its entireity, be what God wants it to be...

...that every soldier, young and old, would be sanctified through and through...and out of the passion of their love in Christ, would be an undeniable force for God's love in the world.

...that this love would be seen between each soldier to demonstrate that God has sent his son into the world not to condemn it, but that the world, through him, might be saved...and by this would all people know that we are his followers and represent him.
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salvotim It's all about love Jan 26th, 2010 5:40:25 am - Subscribe
More from Commissioner Knaggs' dream:

...that our love would be seen through intentional and overt acts of mercy and justice, all the while in humility before God, not needing to publish our works, only doing them to glorify God.

...that our mission would have such integrity that every expression of our ministry would be marked not so much by a red shield or even a crest, but by the love of God for people.

My reflection:
Loving people so simple yet it takes effort. The first step towards loving the people of our communities is getting to know them. We need to meet people where they are rather than waiting for them to come to our buildings and programs.
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