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salvotim Empty House - Subscribe
Recently a friend has had his partner & kids leave him. I can't understand the pain he must be feeling. But God knows and he cares for my friend and all who are suffering. Look to Jesus and he will give you hope even in the darkest of times.

Here are some lyrics from my favourite singer, Neil Murray (check out

Neil Murray (From The Wondering Kind)
He came home to an empty house
Kids were gone, she’d moved out
They had some problems he thought they’d get through
He didn’t ever want to say good-bye to her
They’ve gone somewhere, nobody knows
He’s worried sick, but she don’t even phone
Is there someone to comfort them now?
He fell down in an empty house

To have his children taken away
Is the hardest hit he’s had to take
He can feel his daughter crying somewhere
She can’t understand why he’s not there
Whose arms will hold her now?
His tears fall in an empty house

He didn’t want you to go
He didn’t want you to go
The man is kicked when the woman has gone
She keeps the kids from him, he gets no response
If you hold him to blame, don’t hold them to ransom
Every child needs to love their daddy

Each morning he wakes up, the nightmare remains
Can’t seem to find what to do with his days
Every toy in the yard stays in one place
The swing in the tree doesn’t bend or break
It’s no good hangin’ ‘round
He can’t stay in an empty house

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salvotim Jesus - the saviour of the world! Jun 25th, 2008 6:34:25 am - Subscribe
Tonight I led my first Men's Bible Study in Scottsdale! Two blokes came: Matthew and John!! Another fellow will come next week. His name is Mark! I'm now on the lookout for a Luke to join the group!!!

I'm thrilled to share that a friend of mine accepted Jesus as his saviour last week!!!! He is the first person saved through the Winnaleah outpost. HALLELUJAH!

All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD,
And all the families of the nations will worship before You. Psalm 22:27 ASV
Mood: Calm & Crystal Clear