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salvotim Salvos Open Fire in Winnaleah! - Subscribe
I'm excited to announce that The Salvation Army has opened fire in a new town! Praise God! This happened on Sunday April 27th at Winnaleah in Tasmania. Winnaleah is a town of 150 people in a dairy farming area. Over the past six months I met several Christians who live around Winnaleah. So I asked if they would like to be part of a new Salvos group. Six people said yes so we planted a church or 'opened fire' in Army speak. There were 15 people at our first meeting inclucing four soldiers from Scottsdale. We decided to meet each Sunday to have lunch, learn from the Bible, sing, and share fellowship. There was great enthusiasm at this meeting. I believe God will do great things in this group and through us in the community!
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salvotim Schools Ministry May 16th, 2008 9:39:07 am - Subscribe
This week I had the great joy of spending time at the local Primary School on Monday & Friday. On Monday I helped the Chaplain, Benjamin with dodgeball at lunch. Benjamin is compassionately and enthusiastically sharing Christ's love in the school! On Fridays I teach RE to 2 year 3/4 classes. What a privilege to share the gospel with these 40+ young people!!!! If you have the opportunity to teach RE I strongly encourage you to do it!
By the way, Winnaleah District High School is looking for a Chaplain. If you love Jesus and you'd like to live in a very beautiful part of Tasmania (see the photo below) maybe this is the job for you!
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salvotim Prime Minister on ABC TV May 25th, 2008 4:00:27 am - Subscribe
On Thursday the Prime Minister answered questions on ABC TV. A couple of blogs I read criticised him for his response regarding his religious beliefs. However when you his comments in context I think they are quite appropriate. Here's the question:"Will you let your religious beliefs influence the way you run the country?"

The PM answered:"No you're elected as a secular political leader. What I have by way of a private religious belief, I've always been upfront about that, I'm sort of a common garden variety Christian, that's about it. But no, you're elected on the basis of the views you put to the Australian people, the policies you put to the Australian people, that's the program you deliver. And all views on the future of this nation have to be out there in that great secular contest of ideas called the Australian parliament. That's the way in which I would propose to govern as Prime Minister. And people may have religious views or they may not. For me that is not relevant to the equation."
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