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salvotim Organic Church (2005) - Subscribe
I'd like to recommend one of my favourite books: Organic Church by Neil Cole. Three years ago I had the privilege of hearing Neil speak. I am convinced he has much to teach us about doing effective discipleship and mission. Let me quote from Tony Dale about Organic Church. "This is hands down the most useful and comprehensive book currently available to understanding the rapidly growing expressions of simple, organic church life around the world."

Mood: joyful

salvotim Self Portrait (1970) May 30th, 2009 1:52:34 am - Subscribe
The most interesting thing about this album is the question, 'Why did Bob Dylan release such a patchy and poor-quality album?' In an interview Dylan told Cameron Crowe that:

I was being bootlegged at the time and a lot of stuff that was worse was appearing on bootleg records. So I just figured I'd put all this stuff together and put it out, my own bootleg record, so to speak.

There's not much to praise about this album. But this is only one of Dylan's 33 studio albums. I'm looking forward to enjoying the other 32...
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