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Ferrostaal chief before the privy Mitscherlich

Apr 19th, 2010 8:08:45 pm - Subscribe

April 2010 Matthias Mitscherlich, Chairman of Ferrostaal AG, is at stake. According to the F.A.Z. to the 61-year-old chief of the Essen industry service provider of his office be suspended. This Tuesday will be held hyperucemia board meeting of the former subsidiary of the MAN Group, in which the personnel action to be adopted.

This Ferrostaal moved his main owner International Petroleum Investment Corp.. (IPIC) from Abu Dhabi, the human consequences of the parvenu in recent weeks, new corruption charges against the company (see raided Ferrostaal). Now the prosecutor has against Mitscherlich for infidelity after it had announced in March in a raid Ferrostaal.

Matthias Mitscherlich
It is assumed that the CEO has been involved in the systematic bribery of operations of the service industry. By the end of March it was at a board meeting of Ferrostaal harsh criticism would Mitscherlich not adequately cooperate with the investigators and not strong enough action against corruption cases. In addition, he would not inform the public adequately.

Lack of understanding was also that had not already drawn Mitscherlich last summer human consequences of a first incident of corruption that was then come up to the homes of MAN in connection with the bribery scandal. At that time, Officer Klaus Lesker, regarded as the bribery scandal Zentralfiguar already been taken into custody. Later he received a penalty of around a quarter of million euros.
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Mercedes must be considerate

Apr 16th, 2010 1:57:18 am - Subscribe

April 2010 Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg look bravely forward. In the future, far beyond the Formula 1 race on Sunday, also in Shanghai (start at 9 clock EDT / FAZ.NET Formula 1 Coverage). The Grand Prix of China will, if nothing extraordinary happens, no moment for the pilots of the new silver arrows. The car is too slow to keep up with the Red Bull, the cars of Ferrari and McLaren-Mercedes. The question is even if it is fast enough to keep the jostling behind the scenes at a distance. Does the Mercedes-Crew look for the time being reinforced in the rear view mirror?

Lap times are an incorruptible currency. And there seemed at last to be drawn closer to Mercedes as the silver arrows at the top teams in Malaysia, Renault and Force India. "We are better when the car is heavy. Mercedes is faster with less fuel on board. So I could drive off Rosberg in Malaysia in the second half of the race, "said the Renault driver Robert Kubica. This weekend should the gap be closed with a new subfloor and a new front wing.
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Article Services Aerospace group EADS Agreement in the dispute over military transporter A 400M

Mar 6th, 2010 3:07:46 am - Subscribe

March 2010 After months of negotiations is a solution to the much delayed and significantly increased the cost Airbus 400M military transport plane has been found. The aerospace group EADS is with its subsidiary Airbus Military Systems (AMSL) to continue the project. But will lead the associated additional expense in fiscal 2009 to an estimated loss of a high three-digit million euro range.

The MoU, signed on Friday, the relevant Secretaries of the seven nations as well as ordering the EADS chief executive Louis Gallois and the chief AMSL Domingo UreƱa-Raso. The fixed price than originally agreed cost of 20 billion euros for 180 aircraft to pay the seven countries - Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Belgium, Turkey and Luxembourg - additional 2 billion euros. More than 1.5 billion euros are export credits, which are to be repaid at any future export earnings of EADS. The additional costs incurred by the manufacturer. The buyers waive penalties that would actually be paid because of delay by up to four years. They are even willing to give more advance money. The agreement in principle to be in the coming weeks - subject to approval by national parliaments - incorporated into the contract.
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The whole city in view

Feb 28th, 2010 11:36:06 pm - Subscribe

In February 2010 the office city Niederrad the light goes out after closing time. The employees go to the elevator to the ground floor of the office towers and drive out of the neighborhood. You have a bizarre, completely back to work-oriented place to keep in the evening only a few apartment buildings and hotels to position. At the weekend, the city office is deserted. It was not until Monday turns in between the tall buildings back to life. So it was before. But sometimes in the office district and windows will be lit up, behind which the people do not work, but cooking, reading, sleeping and watching TV. The first residential tower Niederrad is to be occupied in July.

He arrived in 1970 as a high-rise office to the world. At the Lyon Street Address 19 is not seen from the outside too. Through a disguised with green structure Panel shines a white plaster facade. The formerly gray tower has not only get a new look. Otherwise little too reminiscent of the office building, was the last tenant no more. For two years, the tower was completely empty before it discovered the project developer Guenter Haegele. 92 apartments and six penthouses, he intends to place in the 17 floors. The ground floor is an office move, however.
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In the shadow of the politicians

Feb 25th, 2010 12:10:10 am - Subscribe

February 2010 The private life of politicians is long no longer taboo. As far as why and when it is about doing is one of the thorny issues of journalism, it is not just gossip sheets.

What is the "star" in its latest issue about the methods and intentions of the staff of the Berlin photo-CMK and Research Agency reported, indicating a crossing of borders. They should be nachgestiegen Franz Muentefering, Oskar Lafontaine and Horst Seehofer. Particularly striking, the research behind the former SPD Vositzenden to have been made: Franz Muentefering, and his current wife, Michelle Schumann had been shadowed for months since the end of 2008, Oskar Lafontaine had fallen in early 2008 to target both the CSU party chief Horst Seehofer.
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