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Ferrostaal chief before the privy Mitscherlich

Apr 19th, 2010 8:08:45 pm - Subscribe

April 2010 Matthias Mitscherlich, Chairman of Ferrostaal AG, is at stake. According to the F.A.Z. to the 61-year-old chief of the Essen industry service provider of his office be suspended. This Tuesday will be held hyperucemia board meeting of the former subsidiary of the MAN Group, in which the personnel action to be adopted.

This Ferrostaal moved his main owner International Petroleum Investment Corp.. (IPIC) from Abu Dhabi, the human consequences of the parvenu in recent weeks, new corruption charges against the company (see raided Ferrostaal). Now the prosecutor has against Mitscherlich for infidelity after it had announced in March in a raid Ferrostaal.

Matthias Mitscherlich
It is assumed that the CEO has been involved in the systematic bribery of operations of the service industry. By the end of March it was at a board meeting of Ferrostaal harsh criticism would Mitscherlich not adequately cooperate with the investigators and not strong enough action against corruption cases. In addition, he would not inform the public adequately.

Lack of understanding was also that had not already drawn Mitscherlich last summer human consequences of a first incident of corruption that was then come up to the homes of MAN in connection with the bribery scandal. At that time, Officer Klaus Lesker, regarded as the bribery scandal Zentralfiguar already been taken into custody. Later he received a penalty of around a quarter of million euros.
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