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Silkroad Qin-Shi Tomb Maps and Monster Distribution B2

Jul 15th, 2009 10:23:22 pm - Subscribe

The 2nd floor of Qin-Shi Tomb is called Military Camp. "The military camp forms a comples structure that makes it difficult for the invaders to rob Emperor Qin-Shi's treasures. Most of the moving is done by warping on this level."

The mobs' level ranged from 86 to 90. This area'seasily to get lost, just follow the directing arrows marked on the map. Here I also prepare another two maps for this floor. Tomb of Qin-Shi Level 2 Navigational Map and the Fastest way to get to 3rd floor from 2nd floor. Enjoy!

According to the info searched via Internet, the four rooms, "Courage", "Test(Trial)", "Challenge" and "Hero" may have some relations with the new quests. Players will have some certain rates to get 4 different keys droped by mobs in Qin-Shi Tomb, respectively "Courage Key", "Trail Key", "Challenge Key" and "Hero Key", and these 4 keys are used to open the different boxes in these four rooms. Rumors said that the "Hero Key" got the least rate to get, so treasures in "Hero Box" are most valuable.

There're totally four uniques spawn in this area, the Tomb General Hyun, Tomb General Bi, Tomb General Ho, Tomb General Jin, respectively spawn in the 2nd room, 8th room, 11th room and 15th room.

The below are 2nd floor Silkroad Qin-Shi Tomb Map and pctures. Hope you like..

They are beautiful~~` So hurry up to join the new journey in this area...

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Silkroad Alchemy: Upgrade items

Jul 15th, 2009 10:23:00 pm - Subscribe

Elixirs are a very valuable item in Silkroad. Players sell them as soon as they get them, because they are worth a large sum of Silkroad gold. However, many players are not aware of the benefits using an Elixir can provide you. When you successfully use an Elixir, your item will be granted an additional plus 1.

There are 4 different types of Elixirs Weapon, Protector, Shield, and Accessory. In order of value. Each can be used to grant additional pluses to your item. Before we get into how to use an Elixir, I will address some things you should definitely know.

First off, before using an Elixir, you definitely should purchase a Lucky Powder. These can be obtained at any Grocery Seller. Lucky Powders increase the chances of the pluses being successfully added. Also, items with blues such as Lucky, Astral, Immortal, and Steady can be very helpful in use of Elixirs. Read on to learn more about these attributes.

Once you have obtained your elixir, as well as your corresponding item, and the correct level(Silkroad powerleveling, Silkroad silk) of Lucky Powder, you can proceed onwards. First open up the Alchemy window under the Att. Enchantment tab. Place your item in the far left slot. Next you place the Elixir of choice. Finally, place the lucky powder in the opened slot. Once again, before you press fuse all, please take note that there are serious risks involved with this process. Should the Elixir fail, the value of the item will reset. Unless the Silkroad items is plus 4 or greater with an Astral attribute.

There is also a risk of the item being destroyed in the case of the item failing when it is above plus 5. Immortal attribute can help to prevent this. In addition, if the Elixir enhancement fails when the item is plus 4 or above, there is a chance that it receives a permanent durability decrease. With this in mind, please consider before you take action. Once you have made up your mind, press the fuse all button and hope for the best.

While we are on the topic of ’s I figured this is a good time to address SoX. SoX is an abbreviation for any item that possesses a SoS, SoM, or SoSun attribute. These attributes each grant an item amazing bonuses. Their values are as follows

Seal of Star Plus 6 / 7

Seal of Moon Plus 10

Seal of Sun Plus 15

Obviously,Silkroad items of this power are very hard to come by. Although there is no way to add these attributes, SoX items can be both purchased, and obtained from drops. They tend to be extremely rare, even in SoS form. From what I understand, you can play for years without getting a SoSun drop.

Unlike most Magic Stones, lucky stones can not be obtained from Tablets. In fact there is no such way to obtain a Lucky Tablet. Instead, you may use Destroyer Rondos to destroy items that are degrees 6, 7, and 8. In addition to receiving elements, ( also have a very slight chance of getting a Lucky Stone in the process. Lucky Stones are an attribute like the item Lucky Powder that increases the chance of success while using an Elixir.

Certain Magic Stones can only be obtained by purchasing them with Silk via the in game Item mall. Both Immortal and Astral Magic stones are only available from this sort of Purchase. Press the F10 function key in game from more information on this matter.

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How to make Full Strength Glavie user on SRO

Jul 15th, 2009 10:22:43 pm - Subscribe

Full Strength Glavie in SRO requires the Player to have a Glavie equipped along with all Stat points added to Strength. This is a very useful combination:
It not only allows the user to deal devastating damage, but also can be last a lot longer than those of full intellect by high amount of health meaning the user. And the Glavie can use AoE (Area of Effect) Skills meaning numerous monsters will fall at the same time.

In another side, it can be a let down because :

1. The skills of the Glavie can be slow at times

2. No shield means that you may not block attacks, meaning that all attacks will hit you unless they miss. When fighting against a full intellect character, you will need to watch out for magical skills

3. The user of full strength will have very little mana, meaning that numerous mana potions are required to use the skills

Full Strength is good for battling many monsters or players at a time, the damage may not be as great as a full intellect user but the amount of health allows you to deal more attacks. In addition to battling numerous monsters at a time, the Glavie allows you to use skills that hit all monsters within a specific area.

You will need to create your character to begin with a Glavie if your going for a full strength Glavie. Go quest, kill, whatever you would like to do to level(SRO powerleveling, SRO Gold) and add all stat points onto the stat STR.

There are many stats that will aid you in battle, however, I believe the main ones you should look for will be :

Phy Attack Power (Weapon) : The higher this stat is, the more damage your skills will be able to deal
Critical (Weapon) : Critical is the second most important I believe, the higher the number of critical on your weapon, the more likely you are to deal a much more damaging blow to an enemy, with you being melee, this is a great boost.
Phy Defence Power (Armour) : This reduces the amount of damage taken from Physical attacks
Mag Defence Power (Armour) : This reduces the amount of damage taken from Magical attacks
Any items with the STR Stat on (Blue Writing) will be very helpful!

They are the stats that I feel are most important for any Full Strength Glavie user

I have not been much of a Glavie user but I found garment was the best to use. This is because the attacks that full intellects can deal can hit you for very high damage! Garment can reduce this amount and will give you more chance to get to the full intellect. Also, all skills will cost less mana meaning you don’t need to buy as many potions.

Recommended skills

Fire Force Mastery :

All the Imbue Skills of Fire
The Skills in the Fire Shield Series
The Skills of the Flame Body Series
The Skills of the Fire Protection Series
Flame Devil Force (Passive)

Lightning Force Mastery :

The Skills of the Piercing Force
The Skill of the Grass Walk Series

Heuksal Spearmanship:

Soul Spear Series
Ghost Spear Series
Flying Dragon Series
Bloody Storm Series (Can Reduce damage of Magical Attacks)
Cheolsam Force (Passive)
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Silkroad: Pure and hybrid INT guide

Jul 15th, 2009 10:22:24 pm - Subscribe

As you know, INT based builds are usually called nukers in Silkroad, because their main attacks consist of the distance attack spells like the Flame Wave Series and the Thunderbolt Force Series. They can be so called pure INT nukers, which means all points go into INT, or hybrids, which means some points are placed into STR to sacrifice some damage power in return for more HP.

If you choose to play a hybrid, remember that your main damage source is still your magical attacks. As such I would put between 20 and 40 points into STR for a sword nuker and between 40 and 60 points into STR for a spear nuker.

INT based characters use either sword and shield or spear, because these weapons carry more magical damage than the STR based weapons blade and glaive. Bows are usually used by STR based builds as well, since most bow skills are physical, and because bow users rely heavily on the physical based crits. A lot of nukers will use a bow up to level 30 though, since the first nukes become available at level 30(Silkroad powerleveling, Silkroad items).

The choice between sword and shield or spear depends mostly on your playing style. A spear deals more damage, and the shield gives you a better protection, so you receive less damage. A shield also gives you yet another item to increase your INT and STR using the blue stats, and it blocks some of your opponents attacks. If you use a shield, it is important to get one with a high block rate, since the block rate determines the chance that an attack will be blocked. Crits on weapons are of no importance to pure INT builds, and of relatively little use to a hybrid build, so do not spend too much gold on a weapon with a high crit. High magical attack power and magical reinforce however is very important for your weapon.

Since an INT packs less HP than a STR build, and because INT users already get extra magical defence from their INT, most INT builds tend to wear at least protector, and most wear armor. At low level however, the difference between armor and garments is small, so you can safely use garments upto 4th to 6th degree, and switch to armor at some point in your 3X or 4X levels. Try to get a lot of INT, STR, and HP on your equipment. You will need the INT to increase your damage, and the STR and HP to improve your low HP, and for hybrids to improve your physical damage. After level 60(Silkroad gold), it is not unlikely that about 40 percent of your HP total comes from your equipment.

With the ever increasing level cap and the mastery cap remaining at 300, many nukers now find out they have to start thinking about 2-3 masteries rather than the 4 used upto recently. At level 80 you can afford to have 4 masteries, but you will be doing a LOT of skill deleveling when the 90 and 100 level caps arrive, which will cost you a small fortune. Alternatively, you could focus on 2 or 3 trees from the start, and save yourself a lot of SP farming and skill deleveling.

For your trees, you have the following options. You yourself will have to chose what type of nuker you wish to be.
bicheon - very useful for sword nukers
heuksal - very useful for spear nukers
cold - for physical defence, freezing, wide nukes, and snow shield
lightning - for parry, fast walking, strong nukes, and magical attack bonus
fire - for magical defence, effect immunity, strong nukes, and detecting stealth

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Newbies guide of Silkroad

Jul 15th, 2009 10:22:01 pm - Subscribe

If you have just started playing Silkroad or are planning on making an account, then this is the portion you should read.Hope it is useful to you.

Preparation for hunting
- Round buttons placed on the left end of the inventory are labeled as character, inventory, skill, etc. You will see the details by clicking each button.
- Click on the floor with your left mouse button for moving.
- Open your inventory and use potion by clicking right mouse button. To make it more convenient, you can click & click it at a quick slot and press the number of the slot to utilize it.
- You can use quick slots for other skills as well. Action icon skills, emoticons, etc can be placed in the quick slots by dragging & dropping and press the number button for each usage.

Normal Attacking
- Place the cursor on the monster you are targeting and it will be shaped into a sword.
- Click left mouse button and choose the monster then it will start attacking it automatically by clicking it once.

Using SP(Skill points)
- 5 stat points per each level-up is given and 2 out of 5 stat points will be automatically allocated into Hp & MP and you can use the rest of 3 stat points as you wish.
- If you allocate the stat points to HP, the HP displacement will increase and if to MP, MP displacement will increase.
- SP is basically the points that is used to learn skills.
- SP acquired by hunting monsters as the same as the stat points is displayed in yellow gauge.

Selling Items- Merchant NPCs sell and buy products as well.
- If you wish to sell your items, open a trade window for NPCs and click on an item that you wish to sell in the inventory window and drop it to the trade window. Then, a chatting window asking for a trade will pop up. You can trade in the item immediately by pressing control bar and clicking the item you wish to sell at the same time.

Repairing Items
- If your items are worn out, you can fix it in the weapon store NPC.
- Pressing fixing button, the cursor will be shaped into a hammer. Place the hammer on the item you wish to repair and it will be done. Of course, you will have to pay for that.

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