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Silkroad Qin-Shi Tomb Maps and Monster Distribution B2

Jul 15th, 2009 10:23:22 pm - Subscribe

The 2nd floor of Qin-Shi Tomb is called Military Camp. "The military camp forms a comples structure that makes it difficult for the invaders to rob Emperor Qin-Shi's treasures. Most of the moving is done by warping on this level."

The mobs' level ranged from 86 to 90. This area'seasily to get lost, just follow the directing arrows marked on the map. Here I also prepare another two maps for this floor. Tomb of Qin-Shi Level 2 Navigational Map and the Fastest way to get to 3rd floor from 2nd floor. Enjoy!

According to the info searched via Internet, the four rooms, "Courage", "Test(Trial)", "Challenge" and "Hero" may have some relations with the new quests. Players will have some certain rates to get 4 different keys droped by mobs in Qin-Shi Tomb, respectively "Courage Key", "Trail Key", "Challenge Key" and "Hero Key", and these 4 keys are used to open the different boxes in these four rooms. Rumors said that the "Hero Key" got the least rate to get, so treasures in "Hero Box" are most valuable.

There're totally four uniques spawn in this area, the Tomb General Hyun, Tomb General Bi, Tomb General Ho, Tomb General Jin, respectively spawn in the 2nd room, 8th room, 11th room and 15th room.

The below are 2nd floor Silkroad Qin-Shi Tomb Map and pctures. Hope you like..

They are beautiful~~` So hurry up to join the new journey in this area...

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