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Sean Seshadri

Sep 12th, 2009 2:48:50 am - Subscribe

Sean Seshadri

Lux Investments Intl was founded by Sean Seshadri. Sean Seshadri went to medical school in Brooklyn, NY where he pursued a career as a radiologist and achieved great success in his field of interest. In 2002, Sean Seshadri was working 12 hours a day and in considerable debt from student loans.

It was during an internal medicine rotation where his professor Dr. Mauceri, by accident opened his eyes in 2003. Dr. Mauceris' nephew was a trader making six figures, and that prompted Sean Seshadri to learn everything he could regarding the subject of trading. Dr. Seshadri was convinced that his life was as a trader and was committed to success, as failure was not an option.
The first year was very difficult as it was very hard for Dr. Seshadri to leave medicine as there was little support with his decision. It was Dr. Mauceri who gave Sean Seshadri the support he needed and with just 5 thousand dollars, Sean was able to clear his student loans in less than a year which was over 200,000 USD. With renewed vigor and a passion for the financial markets, Sean Seshadri was able to acquire funds from private investors in the medical community to trade, and also secured funding from private VC companies to fund a brokerage company in India.
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November 04th, 2011

Sean Seshadri is one of the best Stock trading strategist..

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