you don't need eyes to see

They say, it's the last song
they don't know us you see,
it's only the last song,
if we let it be.

Selmas Dancing In The Dark
[the inside]
[stole my heart]

And I still find it so hard, To say what I need to say

Jun 9th, 2005 1:20:51 pm - Subscribe

not me: They're all Germans
me: who?
not me: Them Russians.. The Russians are all Germans.

Haha. It does make sense if you consider what it was about, though.

we got musics back.. 01points. Heh, no surprise there. I should care more.

I slept this afternoon but it just made me even more tired.

I don't have enough money and need to spend less. Fuck that.. my mum should give me more money... whatever.
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let me tell you \'bout the birds and the bees....

Jun 6th, 2005 2:25:26 pm - Subscribe

am Tag als Bobby Ewing starb is wirklich schlechter als erwartet. Schhaaaade. So ein tolles Thema und dann.. bah.
Ich muss zum Friseur.... :-/
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Jun 4th, 2005 10:05:13 am - Subscribe

so last night was ok. Not reaaally funny because the music sucked (except for the funny-when-you're-drunk songs like Life is Life, etcl). My shoes are BLACK.. well almost.. haha and I remember that they used to be white a few days ago.
It took Sassi and me about 2h to get to Laura's (to Penny Market to get vodka, then halfway I realised I had forgotten my ticket and I had to go back to get it).
It was FREAKING hot at the party... eww.
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another never-ending source of entertainment

Jun 2nd, 2005 1:29:04 pm - Subscribe

Magnus: Ms. D ist ein 'dickhead' ein 'Dickkopf'?
and that's why I never want to be a teacher for teenagers...

One of our bus drivers (yeeee... I'm supposed to go to school by bike but it was raining this morning) has a mullet. Hilarious/pathetic. It's quite a big one, too. Sassi said something about it today and it still makes me giggle.. I suck.

musics exam... I could answer one question and I took my time for it so I wouldn't be finished after 30 minutes and have nothing to do for the rest of the time... :-/
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May 24th, 2005 12:47:10 pm - Subscribe

Adrian: have you forgotten a red top at my house?
Me: I haven't been at yours for aaaages.. why do you think it's mine anyway
Adrian: well.. it's so tinyl it CAN only be yours

aww, I rule.

and also... we (Charlie, me, la Sassi) got 15pts (A+/~98%) in our paper on European Development Aid. Gawd... mrs B. gives A+'s a lot..
Either that or she has a crush on me. I wonder why it is that some teachers develop such a strong liking towards me. I'm trying my BEST to avoid them outside classes and block all their attempts of having conversation with me and they STILL love me. With the notable exception of Mr. H of course.. ahahahahaha we used to have a very special relationship. (eh.. that sounds horrible)

I went to school by bike today.. GO ME and I'm SO gonna do it until the sumer holidays and I'll have the MOST amazing legs ever (no.. not really they'll still be short).
We went to eat ice-cream instead of going to R.E. I LOVE ice-cream.
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