you don't need eyes to see

They say, it's the last song
they don't know us you see,
it's only the last song,
if we let it be.

Selmas Dancing In The Dark
[the inside]
[stole my heart]

And I still find it so hard, To say what I need to say

Jun 9th, 2005 1:20:51 pm - Subscribe

not me: They're all Germans
me: who?
not me: Them Russians.. The Russians are all Germans.

Haha. It does make sense if you consider what it was about, though.

we got musics back.. 01points. Heh, no surprise there. I should care more.

I slept this afternoon but it just made me even more tired.

I don't have enough money and need to spend less. Fuck that.. my mum should give me more money... whatever.
i feel:TIRED
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