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shadynook New Beginnings - Subscribe

2005 for me is starting something new, so here I am. Shadynook is not only my blog title, but it is also where I live in the Ottawa Valley. Its a small hamlet of folks outside a bigger city. I live on a horse ranch here, and all I can really say about it is that its calm, quiet, snowy, cold, and our 3 horses are stuck outside, beside their manger, eating their hay, gathering snow on their coats...poor guys! I too, came from Xanga, and as much as I liked it and all, found it too filled with distractions on their pages, thus I found emoblog. Hey, David, your kinda cute! lol. Anyway, I'll be hangin' round tellin' my tales from my part of the world ... stayed tuned...
Mood: courageous

shadynook Monday mayhem Jan 3rd, 2005 1:37:42 pm - Subscribe
eep.gif ,

k, my best friend just came by for a visit from work...seems his romantic interest hasn't waned but I kinda had my own reservations. 2005 so far could get interesting where he's concerned, but my feelings are a bit cautious, etc. Things over the summer kinda soured between the two of us, and we hadn't seen each other for the past 4 months, so I'm not too sure as to how to handle any new avenue's with him. It feels like trying to get onto a horse that has bucked you off badly yet still likes you.
You know the horse didn't mean any real harm but you still gotta watch its demeanor. Great description, eh? When you live on a ranch its easy to read an animals intentions, the hardest difference is, how do you measure a guys? eep.gif
Mood: uncertain