~ A Planetary Disaster coming to us all~
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Seems the continuing press black-out of the situation in the gulf hasn't affected the media in Russia, just the media in the United States. But this could eventually backfire because according to the Russian media (Pravda/Articulo 7) the out-pouring of oil is not coming just from 1 area ALONE but from 18 DIFFERENT SITES!
According to the Russian scientist {who spear-headed the report from first -hand examination of the Gulf at the request of the Administration} he forwarded his report to the Russian Prime Minister afterward.

The Gulf seabed has been "broken beyond repair" and the largest seepage, being only 11 miles away from the original site, has been losing 2 million gallons of oil per day.
The Russians, having had such problems before, are recommending using a nuclear detonation to seal the original well. They themselves used 5 devices to shut down their own oil/gas wells in the Gulf between 1966 and 1981. Only 1 failed. There is a 1/5 chance the attempt wouldn't seal the well, but it's a risk that has to be considered.

The Russians are also worried that the chemical dispersant being used in the area is going to have a long term effect as it eventually gets picked up into the atmosphere and clouds and carried onto the land, falling as toxic rain, killing every plant-form in its wake and poisoning water reservoirs relied on by populations of animals/humans alike. Eventually the planetary cost overall will be unimaginable, so the serious question has to be, which is more important? Cheap oil at any cost; even to Human life, or saving the entire planet from an eventual slow death? I think the Russians are rightly concerned, 18 different leaks are too much to just ignore.
If not stopped, it will take 30 years to destroy the Atlantic Ocean, etc. as the leaks continue unabated. So..there ya have it.
Looks like we're all doomed.

Update > The compromised sea floor is said to be more than 100 ft. long and widening. The detonation scenario is being prepared in Canada at CFB Suffield, Alberta. A definite nuclear device. Despite the decision to attempt this (since July 7th) some geo-chemists have expressed their concerns that the eventual detonation might ignite the Methane in the Gulf. A very explosive event, indeed.

For anyone who happens to be 200 miles within the Gulf region right now... do yourself a big favor and leave. A decision has been made to stop this event by blowing up a nuclear bomb but nobody knows what the consequences will be...
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