Date: Jun 3rd, 2007 1:39:45 am - Subscribe
Mood: meh

why does everything seem to go to shit all at the same time?

first...it was andrew..he kept breakin up with me.

in between that..i got fired from woodmans..becuz they claimed i walked off the job. which is shit..it's cuz i got up to 5 points and they're allowed to fire you if they want.

my car is a POS. [piece of shit]. i need brake fluid. i'm getting close to an oil change. i just had to get 2 front tires becuz mine went to shit. the one looked like it was gonna blow out.and the day we wanted to get that one replaced the one on the other side went flat becuz there was a tac nail in it..by some coincidence. i just hate my car. i want a new one so badly. I want a pure white scion tc. yuuum.

i got hired at meijer..but i don't start for another week and a half. so another 3 weeks w/out money.

this is gay.


i'm dating andrew. we've just hit 1 year 7 months on june 1st. and i love him to death. i'd marry this kid.

and yet...i care about my friend scott more than anything...but it hurts..becuz...he's like..obsessed with my close friend ashley.. and i'm the one stuck in the fuckin middle as the god damn messenger.

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