Crazy About You
Date: Jul 26th, 2010 8:50:28 pm - Subscribe
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i stumbled on this poem in the internet looking for something that way describe the me these days...

i don't have enough sleep and i don't care.. all i care is to watch all of this persons shows.. and its driving me crazy... i wanted to see him in person... hahaha.. though its impossible...

YAMASHITA TOMOHISA a very popular icon in Japan. I already watch 5 of his drama and i am craving for more... i will watch everything that he is in...

right now... HE IS MY ADDICTION!!!... i will surely go to Japan, book a flight and have a scheduled meeting with him when my passport and visa will be processed. waaahh.. can't wait.. i will gladly spend money just to see him...

well i got off the topic... here is the poem i mentioned earlier... and i just wanted to share it with all of you.. and i hope Tomo-sama you'll read this... i hope this reaches your heart.. grin.gif

Cause I'm Crazy About You by Sherri Emily Avery (1982)

Running in circles
wasting my time
following footsteps
I seem to lose my mind.
Know what I feel
nothing to say
being unconscious again today.
Forgetting essentials
dropping my things
Oh the joys
that love can bring.
Chattering lightly
floating on air
sliding down rainbows
that aren't even there.
Bumping into walls
not feeling the pain
hearing the patter
not seeing the rain.
My only excuse for
things that I do
Is simply because...

I'm crazy about you.

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shienna07angel - July 26th, 2010
loving him so much...


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