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newwizkid Animal Crossing Rules - Subscribe
I'm creating a new blog entry to keep up my regestration. I think it's about 3 months before i'm removed, but I figure I should stay ontop of it while i'm feeling up to it happy.gif
Mood: I'm feeling fine (iow allright).

silentsoul powerless Dec 1st, 2009 10:37:23 am - Subscribe
full of fear
im not safe here
cant even control a single tear
im powerless
final confess
help me
let me be free
i want out
too many to doubt
i hurt myself
to see if i still feel
i focus on the pain
i wonder if its real
like the rain
outside my window
crying to my pillow
every day
cause your too far away
and no one else it there
as if i care..
Mood: powerless

healthyone Manage Pain Dec 1st, 2009 8:07:43 am - Subscribe
Disease is important component of women’s health. Why? First of all, women often suffer from the disease victims. For example, people experiencing pain, but there are many women never in the hands of intensity and duration. Even women who generally can not menstruating women's experience is different for each though painful, many women menstrual cramps menstrual cramps or pain cases, children with Monday Monday

Pain, menstrual cramps, as a general discussion of pain relief to deal with diseases, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, rescue drugs, drug brands such as Midol menstrual pain, in the lead a lot of women. This is a popular way to twitch.

Some manipulation of the physical structure of the body under the conditions of suffering that can be resolved. Type of pain, spine care and is an example. Although the spine treatment, doctor's actual physical manipulation of the patient's body returned to the skeletal alignment of the bones of the right power. It is difficult, especially in a location, outside the agency will adjust the patient may still be. A variety of sizes and (poor) compensation for the answer to try to beat him on the meat chiropractors, and keep adjusting it. Physical condition, and then transfer one or more meetings or more, you can encourage patients to be brought back to good health.

Female full-body massage and manipulate the physical form of improvements or efforts to improve the health status of the patient commitment. In many different ways, such as acupressure, deep massage and nerve - muscle massage. Deep massage, for example, in the human body deep tissue and surrounding connective tissue elements of connection and efforts to bring more informal relationship. To their powerful health benefits of massage, appear to be from the medical massage massage, deep and deep massage and Rolfing work in the general interests of the difference is valid.

If the disease, more effective support for women to continue to enter a question. When this happens, drugs or other medical professionals. The type of drug is very effective and very numb, pain receptors useful. Serious, life is painful and destructive conditions may include the patient's statements in order to maintain a good living can be.
This is the form in the medical curriculum, the problem is that many people used drugs, such drugs. It has two aspects. First of all, patients can reduce the drug problem. Pain treatment is a common problem - they call cured through. This means that the patient's pain medicine even received the same amount, or education, when he first began to experience the beginning medication. For example, if you have time to get rid of him is just a ball, two balls later, the same level, he can be assured. Secondly, now the patient, who had gone through the senior management of a country trying to addiction.

This is the best treatment together, or at least the conditions of multi-drug therapy, then in the search, which is effective poverty. For example, if so, to determine the best treatment of leg cramps remedy at the bottom of the treatment process chosen to remain in her foot cramps.
Mood: healthy

silentsoul did i mention... Nov 30th, 2009 4:03:38 pm - Subscribe
id die for you.
only cause i couldnt live without you
which is sad. always thinking of me
how selfish
but thats a lie. cause i don't..
i think of you..
your smile...
your laugh..
it hypnotizes my thoughts.
push the time away
relieve the tension
did i ever mention...
i love you.
Mood: love

silentsoul hurt me Nov 30th, 2009 3:55:19 pm - Subscribe
pounding in the back of my mind..
beating constantly
it never stops..
never sleeps...
i cry to relieve the pain.
but it makes it worse
so ill bleed..
to re-leave the hurt
but only sometimes does it show sympathy.
Mood: lost

silentsoul fuckyou Nov 30th, 2009 3:34:37 pm - Subscribe
in me
you shouldnt but .. i encourage you anyways
scream louder..
i cant hear you
push me down..
.. i can still breathe..
your not trying hard enough!!
hes not coming home
those words pierce my soul, my thoughts, my insecurities.
fuck you.
you dont say that!
never let go
never forget
Mood: furious

silentsoul let you down Nov 30th, 2009 3:28:13 pm - Subscribe
trust me
there's no need to fear
every one's here
when you finally be one of us
come down
she'll be safe here
when you finally trust me..
finally believe in me...
i will let you down
i'll let you down.
trust me ill be there when you need me
you'll be safe here
when you finally trust me
finally believe in me
i will let you down
i'll let you down
never want to come down
Mood: powerless

silentsoul crazy please.. Nov 30th, 2009 3:05:28 pm - Subscribe
im silent
but my mind is screaming never stops.
why are you crazy?
am i?
i hope so, or i will have no excuse
retract simple thoughts
intact insanity
tears inside
Mood: abnormal

silentsoul FML*`~ Nov 30th, 2009 3:01:33 pm - Subscribe
Dont you hate it when nothing seems worth living for....
rotting from within...
craving sins..
true love crushed by distance...
what a coincidence...
i love you..
although i try not too...
afraid to go home..
lost all faith..
dead inside.
ive already tried.. and failed
no point?
Mood: cursed

silentsoul <3lovehateX Nov 30th, 2009 2:55:29 pm - Subscribe
out of words to say
just trying to get through today
so i can face tomorrow
burying my sorrow
how much i want these words to be true
instead of lies i try to make real
instead of love
maybe you're just not enough
but i know ill keep crawling back because happiness is what i lack
and our memories bring me back
day by day i try to change and let go
but to you, i can never say no
because i love you
but sometimes i hate too.
Mood: lovesick

silentsoul LIFEE </3 Nov 30th, 2009 2:50:18 pm - Subscribe
When you're so tired
but you cant sleep
happiness expired
countless memories to keep
your body aches but you don't know why
another smile to fake
why even try?
Mood: life

healthyone Healthy Issues Important for Women Nov 30th, 2009 11:43:06 am - Subscribe
Women's health to live life is one of the most important aspects. Women tend to other aspects of life, physical health, more than anything, he believed to be captured important. They often feel that their lives revolved around his work, because many women believe that their work or career is very important, they are accustomed to. Therefore, the focus of your work, often at the expense health career or job.

Women run the risk of their children, because of his health. In his view, it is necessary to ensure that their children, even if their pain and suffering of poor health outcome. This is a wonderful feeling, rather than embarrassing. This may to some extent can be seen. If your child or primary care for their children for a long time as the need to ensure their own affairs, if you are only bad part of your reason may be due to unwillingness to no, pain is a bad solution results. One or two weeks, you have one or two days from their children away from their children, work, and if your situation will get worse.

She was their only success of the work, if they maintain good health, can not forget. This is not impossibly difficult, when you are sick of work. One looks sick, or poor health it completely, but every aspect of the jobs to do. This is your sick and disgusting, but it is rare. Is now clearly ready to morning, when you are sick. Provide physical illness, more willing to bathe in the morning is a concrete and related activities. Yes, when you start, all the working hours, work or difficulties, or if you are sick. Disease or other forms of work through the winter without a job might be very difficult. See why healthy issues important for women.

In addition to the work of the personal problems, illness, many workplaces require people to work, then so poor they did not become infected. In fact, in some places, when you go home, they think you are hot in your book work. Now, as a healthy and display a day's work may be an important responsibility.

Maintaining good health can affect a woman's long life. If a woman will become a good for your health, good nutrition, regular exercise, and have a good genetic material (which is, of course, there is no control), but he lived a long time. Although his body is good, but your life, good, nutritious food and adequate physical exercise (half-time extended lunch every day for at least 3 days a week, the health action).

Thus, we have seen, women's health top priority. A woman is best to eat fresh, nutritious food and healthy development problems than to see a doctor, adequate exercise.
Mood: healthy

newwizkid First Blog Entry Nov 27th, 2009 1:16:30 pm - Subscribe
This is my first blog entry. I'm a bit of a recluse and I don't usually seek out conversation for personal information, withor it's for volintearing or receving. But I do on sometimes. This blog is mainly so I can use the animal crossing chat room thing and if it dosn't work out I'll probably stop updating.
Mood: queasy

helena Plane skids off runway in Wis. Jan 21st, 2007 5:50:15 pm - Subscribe

MILWAUKEE - A jet with 104 people on board skidded off a runway in snowy weather Sunday after the Northwest Airlines crew aborted the flight as it began accelerating for takeoff, airline officials said.

No serious injuries were reported in the late-morning incident. One passenger on the DC-9 was treated for a sore back, airline officials said.

The crew of Flight 1726 bound for Detroit "opted to discontinue its takeoff due to an engine problem," the airline said in a statement. The plane came to a stop off the runway surface, the statement said.

The plane skidded when the pilot applied the brakes, said Pat Rowe, spokeswoman for General Mitchell International Airport. The aircraft came to a stop on the grass by the runway.

Rowe said that snowplow crews had been working all morning but that she did not know how much snow was on the runway at the time.

About 2 1/2 inches of snow had fallen at the airport as of noon, according to the
National Weather Service.

The 99 passengers and five crew members were bused back to the terminal with their luggage.

The airport was closed for 35 minutes afterward, officials said.
Mood: patriotic