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Date: Mar 14th, 2010 11:08:39 pm - Subscribe
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Last December of year 2009, certain korean series struck my interest. i was able to finish it before the year 2010 came. but then i just can't get over with the drama series and again i found my self watching it all over... it will be the 3rd time watching the whole 62 episodes of this Queen Seun Deok. what made me addicted? -- Bidam and Archeon

i really love them both... grin.gif

i wanted to give a detailed plot about the story and descriptions about the characters, however, time is my problem. i still have lots of tasks in my work and i still have to study for the upcoming exam this march 28.

i just thought of creating this for me to remind myself that i still have to write something about these two. grin.gif ohh wait, i will also mention the lead actress.. she's great.. so love them...

Bidam - Kim Nam Gil
Archeon - Lee Seung Hyo
Deukman - Lee Yo Won

Looking forward for the day i can create something wonderful (blog) about them.. grin.gif and hoping to see them in person...

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