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mellowlife u.s history homework - Subscribe
You Take the Land, the Soul of our Culture

My people are scared
These white kind are taking over our mother
This land is for all; my people should not have to be scared
Our food is getting killed, the buffalo, by the white cowboys
Their cattle is over gazing on this land, tearing the earth’s hair out one by one
They have their own wars on their range, the land is for all
I rode with my people; our usual ride was cut off by these boundaries, cutting us off from the land.
Barbed wire, they call it, there is no use, we wouldn’t take your things, and we just want the land too.
They group my people with others as if we are the same creek is different than Cherokee, Seminall and others, we are not the same
We own the land, as we want to, we use the land so others can use it too
You take the land, make it your own, kidnap the soul of our culture
My people and I won’t leave, not without our say
You ranchers can withstand the harsh winters; you will soon give up and give us back our land
We won’t move to reservations, this is all our home, we won’t leave, and this is our land too
Put down your guard, take down your fences, don’t kill our food, and let your animals free
We will show you how to survive, don’t kill us, we are not savage
We are people like you, cant you see, stop cutting us off from land, let us all share, we can bring our mother earth peace.
My people are scared

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mellowlife u.s history homework Sep 30th, 2004 8:04:48 am - Subscribe
The land is our Satan, Shattered hopes and dreams

The land is our Life, it will guide us, and it will let us survive or die
I came for the land, to prosper and use it the way it was meant to be used
The land will destine us, giving us battles we never thought we would withstand
My farming technique has changed out here; the land isn’t a welcoming as we thought it would be
My crops are dying that grew in the east; the land is killing us slowly
I can outsmart the land, planting things that can take the heat and torture, the dryness
I can outsmart the land, prosper the way I said I would, the bonanza farms will give me what I wanted
The land wont let me outsmart her, she can see right through us all
There’s animals that are eating away at my destiny, animals that are eating away at my life
There are storms that is the land, crying out to stop the tearing of its skin
There are fires that are the rage of the land, telling us to go home and leave her be
Gather up our new machines, our money is gone, our hopes and dreams are shattering
The land is our Satan
I came for a better life, new space, and a new freedom
The land is our Life, it will guide us, and it will let us survive or die
I came for the land, to prosper and use it the way it was meant to be used.
The land will destine us, giving us battles we never thought we would withstand
There’s a new wave of people like me, it’s a stampede of believers, a stampede of outreached hands
They have the work there, we all need, and easy money falls out of the sky
Our big companies can get a kick out of this, providing us with tools, while they suck up our money they know we will give
Pan in hand; I will walk everyday to get my riches before I leave
Gold rushes down the streams there, watch where you step, don’t want to trip over some gold too
People running with me, they soon fall, die of starvation and disease and give up all hope
People running with me, don’t leave me here, don’t go home
Where has the gold all gone? Where am I supposed to go now?
Boomtowns to ghost towns, hopes to failures, faith to greed, let me straggle home
The land is our Satan

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mellowlife not sure why i wrote this Sep 30th, 2004 8:02:28 am - Subscribe
Will Someone Catch me on my way down?

Standing at the cliff
Looking at my fall
Will someone save me?
Will someone catch me on my way down?

Standing next to me
Looking at my life
Was it worth nothing?
Was it a waste of time?

Standing at the edge
Looking at the breaking waves
Loose stones stumbling down the rocks to the water below
A gust of wind attempting to pull me back

Standing with arms outstretched
Leaning over on my toes
Will someone save me?
Will someone catch me on my way down?
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suicidekisses Its been a long time baby Jul 5th, 2004 3:39:11 am - Subscribe
wow. i forgot about this here thing. maybe cus i have a livejournal. anyhoo. its early in the morning. and im wide awake.

I HAD THE WEIRDEST DREAM THE OTHER NITE!!!!::: i was at this restaurant thing and alissa milano was on the inside balcony of it and she was about to swing from a chandalier. i just let her do it when i knew i was supposed to kill her. and then i ran to the bottom and there was conor oberst. and he started yelling at me. he heard her leave out the door and he said i was not to let her go. then i kept apologizing to him.. and i knew in the dream that our love was forbidden, cus he was a bad guy and i was good. and it was weiirdd. cus we were all over each other. then the dream switched and i was in this weird house. and i saw justin timberlake (yuck, i never found him attractive) and he was sitting there with this small little blonde woman. i knew that i was making him cheat on this little blonde woman but it didnt stop me. i pulled his arm and dragged him into a room and then he didnt lock the door when i told him to. and then the door flew open right as i was pulling down his pants. and the woman yelled and kicked me out. and then i walked outside of the house and evelyn was standing there along with hundreds ofwomen, and evelyn said, "Youre one of us arent you? sucks when you get caught, eh?" and that was it! but i remember as i was being kicked out, i grabbed $50 and his liscense.


--end scene--
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suicidekisses They don\'t love you like i love you. Apr 24th, 2004 5:45:25 pm - Subscribe

Well today is boring. i went to the store with the mother unit and we cleaned up the yard a bit. i pulled something in my back and it hurts like hell. and i just got out of the shower and i wanna lye down but i still have to do a buncha shit in the house.. so im pretending to get dressed. so slick am i.

tonite is justins b-day party. their band is gonna play and a buncha people are gonna go. or so thats the plan. me and adrian are gonna regulate. well as long as im there. i dont know if i wanna stay late. too weird? i dont know. knowing the chick hes talking to doesnt like me sucks. i mean shit. i think its cool that he has a sorta girlfriend, but it would be so much cooler if she could have a good time with us and not be all bitchy.

after talking to chris this whole situation reminds me of saving silverman. haha

well im gonna go do the shit around the house. fuck.

oh yeah.. and tuesday is MAE. yeehaw.
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suicidekisses Shoot me in the face. Apr 20th, 2004 4:31:12 pm - Subscribe

humm.. whats been happening lately? well my prom weekend sucked. i got really sick cus i took medicine and then drank alcohol. yeah i know im not very intelligent. so i went home around 2.

sunday i went to the OVER IT show and it was very good. there wasnt many people there so it was very personal and just flat out good. it was only $5 to get in too. happy.gif. uhh chris and adrian went with me and evelyn. chris got cut off after 5 beers by the bartender. i didnt know they had that rule. i guess its a good rule eh?

today was "senior skip day" but hell no i wasnt gonna skip. i miss any more days and i cant graduate. fuck that. anyway, it was moved until next friday anyway, so not many people skipped. haaaaaaaa stupid asses.

tonite is the big journalism banquet. well ya know what? I HATE JOURNALISM. i hate it soo much. the only reason i stayed in it so long is cus it looks good at a film school to have been working with cameras for what.. 5 years now? man oh man. TOO LONG. only a little more than a month left.

god help us allll...
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suicidekisses I got my stereo on ten, i\'m screaming connely\'s pain... Apr 13th, 2004 12:14:28 am - Subscribe

So its like what 12sumthing? humm and im still awake. tsk tsk michelle. well i feel like shit. total shit. i thought i was starting to get sick cus my whole body ached and my throat hurt like hell. well now it seems to be getting worse. and i just found out little miss evelyn has strepp(sp?) throat. i dont think i have that though. well i hope i dont anyway.

i did my spanish homework and im not spending my money damnit. i have to save it for a show on sunday. adrian said he would buy me alcohol this weekend. i told him not to cus i felt bad but the boy wouldnt listen. ah well. i guess he feels bad that im not going to my senior prom. i dont know why though.. i mean i was the one that didnt want to go. i said no to the only 2 guys who asked me. ah well. fuck it.

time for some nyquil and my feather pillow.

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suicidekisses I could really use a friend tonite... Apr 12th, 2004 12:37:41 am - Subscribe

Okay okay. its about 12 sumthing and im home. early nite kiddos. the mother unit was yelling about how im moping during the day and alive at nite, so im gonna try to wake up early tomorrow and do something useful. humm.. i guess.

well tonite i didnt do much of anything really. i went to wal mart with big matt and we fixed the dogs chain. we hung out and played videogames haha.

so i hear theres a "big" party tomorrow nite. humm.. thats funny. just hearing that term is funny. well i guess that can coincide with the whole FUCK PROM weekend haha. woo..

note to self: save lunch money all next week. and DO SPANISH HOMEWORK TOMORROW!!

don't take me home 'til i'm drunk. very drunk indeed.

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suicidekisses If I told you this was killing me, would you stop? Apr 11th, 2004 7:15:18 pm - Subscribe

well i watched the rest of taxi driver tonite. well kinda... i fell asleep towards the end.

ive been in a weird mood all day. i think its because of the allergy medicine

over it is next weekend. im excited

i want to get out of the house tonite, but i dont want to leave. does that make sense? i dont think so.

helen and wiston are here. i guess im being rude by being in here. im gonna go watch the simpsons with them then. i hope i do something tonite.

damn the man.

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suicidekisses I\'m directing a scene that has you and me forever... Apr 11th, 2004 12:36:30 pm - Subscribe

Okay, well about the senses fail show. it was pretty good. it was awful to begin with though. it was pouring down rain in the morning and i felt like shit the whole day. my back hurt so bad and i just felt sick. evelyn told me she didnt want to go to senses fail cus she was sick, but after convincing myself that i had to go, i guess i convinced her. left town at about 4sumthing and then headed into san antonio. it wasnt as hard as we thought to get there. we made it there in one piece in otherwords. we walked to the convenience store to pee a couple times, the worker lady threw her change at me.. that bitch. we stood outside for like 2 hours. oh my gosh it felt so much longer. some guy.. like the tour guy or merch guy or something.. i dunno, he was weird. anyway. he was passing out stuff and taking pictures of us. it was fun. then we finally made it in. we got a comfortable spot in the front so that i was able to just sit on the stage and enjoy the show. the bands were good and senses fail ah man. it was so funny. cus it was garretts b-day. happy 19. and he was sitting outside like on the back of a car i guess.. he had his head down and he was wiping his face down like he was exausted. well i saw him and then started looking in the crowd and i kinda felt eyes on me and i looked over and he was looking and just kinda puffed air and then got up. i felt so sorry for him. he looked so tired. happy fricken b-day right? well senses fail was amazing. there were truly amazing. they had so much energy it was just surreal. mike was soo hilarious too. ah man. he was running back and forth and giving me the strangest looks. and then it was soo funny. i caught his eye again and he made the funniest face.. he went from being so serious playing the bass to.. big goofy smile.. and then back to serious in the time period of 2 seconds. then it was so cute when after the show he came by to shake our hands.. and he came to me and i felt like i had to put my hand up and i did and he grabbed it to shake it and he looked right into my eyes and said.. "thanks" all weird like. he honestly creeped me out. haha. and buddy oh goodness.. he took off his shirt and said "man look at my gut." you could definetly tell that he worked it off. he was starting to get abs and those hip bone things. i dont know what they are. but i know for a fact he used to have a real belly. what a liiiaarr. ah well. haha. we got out of the front and left right before rufio. my back was killing me and i felt like shit and im sure evelyn felt the same.

i remember me and justin were talking about.. i wonder if they recognize you ya know? since me and ev have been to so many senses fail shows and hung out with em and such. i dunno. i just got to thinking that cus the way they looked at us like they knew us.

its pouring down rain and i kinda feel sick. i woke up at like 5am this morning just aching and feeling like shit. arg it was awful. i drank like 6 glasses of water, took some medicine and went back to sleep. im starting to feel sick again so im gonna take a nap. ill write in this later.

good day. i said good day!

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suicidekisses I wanna fuck non-stop. Baby I think youre beautiful... Apr 8th, 2004 8:00:37 am - Subscribe

my boredom set in hardcore and i realized that ive barely written in this thing. heres an update on the past week.

okay so last friday we drove to the backroom. it wasnt hard to find at all. i was so suprised. needless to say we got there about 3 hours to early. so we drove to the walgreens across the street.. i went potty. then went back to the backroom. we sat in the car and waited, then went inside, bought tickets, and waited in line. well dynamite boy started off the show and they were sooo good. it was odd seeing the voice come out of the lead singer, but it was still badass. then matchbook romance came on.. my goodness.. they put out a great show. we were up front so we got the shit kicked out of us by the crowd surfers. then after matchbook we wanted to stay in but our bodies couldnt handle it anymore. we got out and stood in the back to watch fall out boy. they were soooo fucking hilarious and the show was amazing. i loved it when they said.. "this song goes out to all the girls that are here for the music, not looking for boyfriends." i mean shit, id love it if i went there and met a guy and we started dating, but fuck, thats just a bonus, im there for the music. anyway.. that ended and we left before mest and headed back into seguin. we went to the fuzzy house, met everyone and such, and then headed out to dueces. i didnt drink anything. it was a funny and eventful nite. i left kinda early.. about 1 er so. i had to wake up early so i could clean up my room.

WELL WELL WELL.. at the hipv/allister show we waited in line for a little while and then this guy comes outside and yells, "mmannn what a line.. weve got a boys night out hoodie," (pointing at some boy) "and an armor for sleep shirt."(pointing at me). then we get to talking about how much he loved my shirt and the band and a buncha other random shit and then hes like "hey.. did you buy tickets?" and i said "yeah i did." and he said "well try and sell em, im gonna put you on the guest list." and so i was like... woooooo. well he went inside to go grab a pen and paper and then he put me +1 on there. he bumed a cigarette and talked some more. i sold my tickets to a couple girls next to us in line. we walked in.. (he had forgotten to put +1..) so i ran to go get him so evelyn could get in.. and then we went down to go watch the show. start trouble came on and they were amazing. seriously.. they were so suprisingly good. well that ended and then.. oh then.. hidden in plain view came on. oh my goodness. it was awesome. man the lead singer was right up in our faces. when i was singing the words and he came over he would look down at me, it was funny cus i just looked right into his eyes and he had a weird expression.. anyway.. it was soooo good they put on an awesome show. then punchline came on.. they were okay. and then of course allister. allister was badass.. they had so much energy and they were hilarious. a couple girls that were there where the same girls that were at the mbr/fob show so we talked to them the whole time. it turns out one of the girls is a girl from the senses fail message boards. i thought that was pretty cool. they said that theyre gonna get there early on tuesday so theyll save us spots. anyway.. sooo we walk over to the hipv merch booth and we try to buy shirts, but of course nothing is in our size. so were talking to rob about random shit and the merch guy (the guy that put us on the guest list) was talking to me and he was like "sooo whats going down tonite? know of any parties or anything." and i said, "noo not really, im not from austin, i live in seguin its a little place about an hour away." then we ended our conversations with them and headed over to buy a start trouble cd. after we bought it Joe, (lead singer of hipv) was standing there and i said "ah crap.. how are we gonna get out of here?" (cus there were so many people i couldnt walk through them) and he heard me and said "what?? where are you going? theres an after party!" and i said.. "whatttt?" and he was like "yeahh red roof inn.. yall need to go." and i said, 'shit i dont even know how to get there." and he was like "ahh just take I-35 and go that way." and i started laughing and i said "haha man id end up in mexico." and he was like "ahh man follow us" and then he said something else but i couldnt hear him. then the girls we had talked to earlier were taking pics with him but he was still like focusing on us going to the afterparty. i was like MAN! i wanna go.. ya know? but DAMN SCHOOL. DAMN THE MAN!

ah fuck me. anyway. ill write about senses fail later.

keep on truckin'

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suicidekisses I hear the music when I look at you... Mar 30th, 2004 11:54:09 pm - Subscribe

Well Kids.. its getting late. i know that i started this thing quite awhile back adn i havent written in it, but hey im lazy.
today was quite boring, as usual. although i did fall infront of a lot of people, but i didnt get embarrassed. i thought it was funny. i was pissed off that some punk ass kid thought it would be funny to tie a wire right across the walkway. normally i would have noticed such a thing, but i was too busy tormenting some guy for pushing me. and down i went. ruined my pants. as always. im down to two pants and a skirt. i started off the year with 6 pairs of pants and two skirts. woah... man im terrible. im such a clutz.
i have three shows coming up in the next week. im incredibly excited. matchbook romance/fall out boy; senses fail; allister/hidden in plain view. i say.. thats a mighty fine lineup eh?
i take sleeping pills now to go to sleep since i have so much trouble sleeping. hopefully theyll kick in soon. ahh
oh yeah.. and my back still hurts like hell. man... brock popped my back today. he did the same thing my $50dollar a day chiropractor did. ah man. i was pissed. but at least it helped me for a little while.
i was looking at places to live on the internet today. i got really excited.

for a real kind of lovin'
i'm feelin' California!

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