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Date: Oct 10th, 2004 4:32:12 pm - Subscribe
Mood: patriotic

ok, so the topic of this post is sort of gay... who cares... i was lost for words when deciding what to title it. anyways, today started off shitty. i had to go to work at main meal for 5 hours for community service/service learning, whatever its called... so that sucked. i felt like George Bush in Farenheit 9-11 when he's like, "anybody want some grits..." LMAO!!! gah - he is such an idiot. speaking of the devil himself - i am just sitting here watching chris wallace interview an equally brainwashed moron, condy rice - OUR NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR! gah, its really sad! she just said that even though we know saddam didnt have WMD's and there is NO connection between saddam and bin laden, that they STILL would have taken our country to war!!!! wth!!!! these idiots are completely unfit to be leading the FREE world! i tell you one thing, had i been one of the parents of siblings of someone who died in Iraq, George Bush would REALLY be on my hit list. i mean think about it, the reasons that your son or daughter are dead is based on faulty intelligence and reasoning... so all we can give you is, "your sons and daughters were brave and heroic...????..." is that something that remotely flies with you? well it sure as hell wouldnt with me! and that bullshit that all these pro-war, pro-bush warhawks advocate that they made the decision to volunteer for the military makes their sacrafice not Bush's fault are completely and 110% wrong! DEAD WRONG! just b/c i choose to serve in teh military doesnt mean that i have to fight wars for one man's interest. i mean its a sad day when u have to be scared to join the military (as i was by re-niggin on ETSU Army ROTC) just because you're afraid to go fight a war that is WRONG! wonrfully funded, wrongfully declared, and wrongfully based on faulty intelligence!!!! its a shame that i dont want to serve my country b/c of george bush's illogical war! SAD AS HELL! i just wish i could smack the hell out of that bastard for what he has done to my fellow countrymen and to our name in the world! angry.gif i just hate the president of the USA right now! i do NOT respect him. i DO NOT support him. i WILL NOT support him. he has cut cops on the streets and programs that fund more police officers! that is shitty considering that i am in teh process of pursuing my dream of being a police officer!!!! and i am supposed to support a bastard that cuts funding and voted against supporting the influx of more police officers? HELL NO I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO! nor will i!!!!! vote for john kerry and support the real patriotic candidate in this presidential election! someone who lies, wont admit they are wrong, infringes on the citizens of this country's rights, wrongfully invades other countries, overthrows them and THEN calls them an allied part of our coalition is a moron, and completely unfit for command!!! VOT FOR JOHN KERRY IN NOVEMBER AND LETS GET THE BUSH HOLE FIRED AND IN TEXAS WHERE HE BELONGS!!!! peacez. -shine
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