Date: Oct 9th, 2004 6:56:43 pm - Subscribe
Mood: lovesick

omg!!! The Vols won in Athens, GA tonite against the Bulldogs! i am soooo glad considering they were a double digit under-dog going into the game! we won 19-14 and it came down to the last 0:01 and GA choked!!! long live the UT Volunteers! grin.gif i still feel wmpty in a way though... i miss the one i love... cry.gif but i wont sit here and whine about it.. theres another time in another day for that... i believe.. i believe... without beliving in love and something real, life isn't worth living... i have tried to sto pdipping but i just can't... i get nervous when the Vols play or when Bush and John Kerry debate and just with all of this that is on my mind, sometimes i just feel like folding... but i cannot, nor will i... i wont give up, i will survive and be strong.. i know my heart and it is strong. it will not die (emotionally) ever! and i think that its funny how 'emoblog' .com or whatever picks a modd for you, and out of the like 50 that there are, this one 'lovesick' applies now more than ever.. i am with the one i love but the more i see her and thinking about all of the amazing memories we have had, i reminsce on them and get sad and lonely... i know this post started out as a "victory in athens" post about the great heroic volunteers from my state of tennessee, however, i cant hide my feelings and they seem to bleed through no matter what kind of facade i try to forge upon myself. i am getting sick (jinx) i think... well not too bad but like arunny nose and itchy eyes... i just PRAY to the Lord that it doesnt turn into something requiring serious medical attention like what i had a month ago, roughly... (strep) sad.gif anyways, these antihistamines should be suffice and combat this mild cold quite well.. aaron is in Alabama playing with his band and it's lonely here... quiet and yes i like that, however, its just ....... empty. at times when i think that i have it bad or feel down on myself, i just think about all of the things that the Lord has blessed me with and given to me and i just sit back and calmly smile... its almost a cozy feeling upon my inner being to some odd extent. i am being educated beyond many others in my time, i am growing and constantly evolving into the person the Lord wants me to be i honestly believe. given i have many things that i need to get right first and foremost but if the Lord gives me time, in the end i will prevail - i doubt this not in the slightest bit. music, music has always been there for me and always continues to never fail me. its such an emotional thing and helps me get through a lot. i need to read my Bible more and i am not trying to come off as a Bible thumper b/c i am not that by any means. but i feel a longing in my heart to be more... be better.. be closer to the one who created me. i feel so many distant, yet unwantedly, intimately close hinderances that inevitably hold me back. in time i shall overcome them and be more be better be more evolved into the person God needs and has in mind for me to be. i dont know how i got to this deeply profound (that was so redundant) point to post this when it started out as a UT Vols post, but it has become keenly clear what i needed and had to say. i said it and i feel vinciated if that is the correct terminology. speaking of 'ologies', i need to read some criminology to stay on top in my class and remain at the top of my class. i am running close with another female and she might have an edge on me but i think that and know that i can overcome her with my academic talents that God has so generously blessed me with. until next time, remember, the VOLS won and John Kerry is ahead and is going to win in November. Give him your vote and he will give us all 4 - 8 years of great leadership that we all need... thank your local Police Dept. for the services they provide you with and take time to thank the Lord for all he has given to you, i know and will be the first to say that i dont do that enough. however, i will in teh future and can fathom of not a better time than now... it is finished. one love.... -rabbit cool.gif

p.s. sometimes i just wish that i could be under this tree on my background and in the wild with nature and the God whom created her. what a peace that passes all understanding. i could sit here and gaze at that beautiful background forever. just my thoughts after i had to edit this post to share this with you all. goodnight and goodday folks. one love... -rabbit
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