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shorty3d3r beezzyyy weeeeeeeeeek(03/31/2006) - Subscribe
i have nothin' to do. well, actually this week is a hell week for me, i mean for us (my batchmates) we're so tired of so many projects and felt sad about the fact that other students are already enjoying their summer break will us, still doin' a LOT of school work. At least now, i can relax but only for a while co'z final's week is next week and it's time for me to make "bawi" and aim high to get good grades for this term. WeLcum! hell...huuhuuuhuuu...
Mood: tired

shorty3d3r friend in need(03/31/2006) 31am31America/Chicago(0303/3131/06060606) - Subscribe
this day was a day to bring back memories of a good friendship. My friend went through a heart surgery today, and i was so worried about her but i know and i felt here in my heart that she'll be okay, i know that she's a tough girl and she can pull through with the operation and of course i'll always be here for her even if i can't be with her physically i'm praying for her and for the success of her operation. She's one of the best among my friends and we've known each other since pre-school. I just want her to be back in action again, what i mean is her super hyper na lyfestyle inspite of this challenge god gave her. I promise to support her in her operation even if i'm not with her today i'm showing it through my prayers. LUV YAH girl!!!! take care!!! get well soon...
Mood: marvelous